Edwin Hubble (1889 – 1953) The Universe is a lot bigger than we think! You have probably heard of the Hubble Telescope. But you might not know much about the man it was named after. His name is Edwin Hubble and it is very fitting that they named the Hubble Space Telescope after him. I […]

Fig 1: Lord Rosse (William Parsons) (1800 – 1867) The art and science of astronomy was still a novice subject and rising field in the 19th century. We do not find a lot of professional astronomers at that time. It was then studied mostly by the amateur astronomers though with full passions. Lord Ross (William […]

The Gregorian Telescope Fig 1: James Gregory The Gregorian Telescope is basically a reflector telescope invented and designed by well known 17th century mathematician and astronomer James Gregory (1638-1675). He was born in Scotland and was a contemporary of Sir Isaac Newton. Both the scientists worked together on different projects. However, Gregory had proposed the […]

How Newtonian Telescope Changed the View of the World Fig 1: Newton’s reflecting telescope displayed to the Royal society  We all know that the Newtonian telescope did not contribute to discovering any new celestial objects, but it did change our view of the universe. Here we will focus on this popular telescope and some other […]

Astronomer Johannes Kepler wanted to be a Minister ! Short Biography of Johannes Kepler. Though most of us know the name Johannes Kepler as a great scientist of Physics and Astronomy, his childhood dream was to be a Minister! Besides, he was a famous astrologer and was paid for his astrological suggestions! In the 17th […]