There are different types of telescopes available on the market depending on different features.  Here we will discuss the tube assembly and light path of five types of telescopes. Fig 1:  tube assembly and light path of five types of telescopes The image shows how they are different in assembly and lightpaths and they have […]

Fig 1: Lord Rosse (William Parsons) (1800 – 1867) The art and science of astronomy was still a novice subject and rising field in the 19th century. We do not find a lot of professional astronomers at that time. It was then studied mostly by the amateur astronomers though with full passions. Lord Ross (William […]

China is well-known for its contribution in all fields from ancient times. In fact, we get some of the brilliant records in the history of ancient Chinese astronomy also. Chinese created their own distinct methods of keeping astronomical records and they were not changed from 1800 BCE onwards. According to the legends, China built sky […]

Brass Telescopes You might have seen an old-fashioned telescope-type object used by navigators or the captain of a large wooden ship in documentaries on the 17th or 18th-century events. This is possibly the Brass telescope we are going to discuss now. This is the kind of thing you get by inheritance. It symbolizes legacy and […]

The Gregorian Telescope Fig 1: James Gregory The Gregorian Telescope is basically a reflector telescope invented and designed by well known 17th century mathematician and astronomer James Gregory (1638-1675). He was born in Scotland and was a contemporary of Sir Isaac Newton. Both the scientists worked together on different projects. However, Gregory had proposed the […]

Astronomy Project For Kids: How to Make Constellation Cups We sometimes think that astronomy is a field only for the elders. But we already know about many astronomers and star gazers, who started their journey in astronomy at an early age of life. Here we will describe an amazing astronomy project that you can do […]

How to Build a Telescopes, which are simple and straightforward to use A telescope is, at its most basic level, a device that tends to make a distant thing appear closer. To achieve this, a telescope contains a component objective lens or the basic mirror that gathers light from a faraway target and gets it […]