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Gskyer Telescope Company: Quality, Manufacturing

Gskyer is a German telescope company founded in July 1992. The company went out of business and was purchased by Yuyoa Bojing Optical Instrument Factory on July 6, 2011. Since its inception, Gskyer has established a wide user base and a strong reputation for entry-level telescope production.

Gskyer’s business activity has shifted greatly due to the acquisition, but the quality and manufacturing processes have remained largely unchanged. The performance and quality of Gskyer telescopes aren’t generally considered the best among other brands, but their designs are a common choice for beginners.

Is Gskyer out of Business?

No, Gskyer was out of business until the brand and trademark were purchased by Yuyoa Bojing Optical Instrument Factory, their primary manufacturer, on July 6, 2011. The new owners have maintained Gskyer’s manufacturing processes, resulting in the same quality. However, customer service has reportedly become poor under the new ownership.

Are Gskyer Telescopes Good Quality?

Gskyer’s telescopes are generally of sufficient quality for beginner observations such as the moon or nearby planets. Gskyer prides themselves in providing cost-effective instruments, which results in lower-quality telescopes than some of their competitors. However, some of Gskyer’s designs are equipped with higher quality eyepieces and other optical components to permit further, sharper observations. The quality of the optics and eyepieces are similar to their competitors as most telescope brands source their products from China.

Who Manufactures Gksyer Telescopes?

Gskyer’s telescopes are primarily manufactured by Yuyoa Bojing Optical Instrument Factory in China. The optical tube and some other components resemble Synta’s manufacturing, which indicates that Gskyer likely outsources some components to other factories in China. Gskyer also advertises German-made technology, but this claim has been a subject of debate as the only recognizable German technology is the German Equatorial Mount (or GEM).

What are Similar Telescope Brands to Gskyer?

Gskyer is similar to Celestron, Orion and Meade because they provide similar products and manufacture them in China. Gskyer, Celestron, Orion and Meade all provide beginner-friendly designs, as well as some more advanced configurations. All four brands have also shifted production overseas to companies in China to reduce manufacturing costs. Because they all rely on similar manufacturers, the materials and manufacturing processes are nearly identical between these brands. This results in similar quality and cost, but each brand has unique designs and applications.