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Vivitar Telescope Manufacturing: Quality, Market Share

Vivitar is a consumer electronic company that produces telescopes. The company was founded in Santa Monica, California in 1938 under the name “Ponder and Best”. Vivitar has since grown to be one of the largest optic producers around the globe.

Vivitar telescopes are a common choice for beginner astronomers due to their simple designs, low cost and wide availability. Before telescopes, Vivitar built its foundation in photographic equipment. Today, Vivitar offers telescopes, cameras, technology and other household tools.

Vivitar offers high-quality optics for a low cost by outsourcing manufacturing to facilities around the globe. However, Vivitar’s headquarters remain in Edison, New Jersey. Their business activity has continued to grow over the years, standing out from its competitors by offering low-cost telescopes.

Are Vivitar Telescopes Good Quality?

No, Vivitar telescopes are not as high-quality as their competitors because quality is not their selling point. Vivitar telescopes provide a low-cost entry point for new or prospective astronomers to familiarize themselves with the basics of telescopes. 

These telescopes will provide sufficient views of the moon or large star clusters but are generally not suited for deep-sky observations. To offer low-cost telescopes, Vivitar uses lower-quality lens material and manufacturing. While the company is based in the US, its manufacturing is outsourced overseas.

Where is Vivitar Based?

Vivitar is based in Edison, New Jersey, with offices in France, Hong Kong, Canada, Latin America, and the United Kingdom. Their headquarters is located at 195 Carter Dr. Edison, New Jersey. Vivitar moved from Santa Monica, California to Edison, New Jersey because of a change in ownership.

Who owns Vivitar?

Sakar International, Inc. owns Vivitar. In November 2006, Vivitar was purchased by Syntax-Brillian Corporation for $26 million. On August 21, 2008, Syntax-Brillian sold the Vivitar brand name and intellectual property to Sakar International due to bankruptcy. Sakar International is a consumer electronics maker based in Edison, New Jersey, resulting in Vivitar’s change in headquarters. Sakar International also adjusted Vivitar’s business activity, implementing a wider variety of products.

Is Vivitar Still in Business?

Yes, Vivitar is still in business. From November 2006 until August 2008, Vivitar was a subsidiary of Syntax-Brillian, a publicly traded company. This means that Vivitar was able to be purchased on the stock market under the ticker symbol BRLC. 

Vivitar is now owned and operated by Sakar International, a private company. While it cannot be purchased on the stock market, Vivitar is still in business as a private company, like most of its competition.

Which Telescope Brands are Better Than Vivitar?

Celestron, Orion and Meade are better than Vivitar. Vivitar is a common choice for new astronomers due to its ease of use, cost efficiency and widespread availability. However, other brands lead the market in terms of optical quality and durability.

Celestron, founded in 1960, is a common alternative due to its optical quality and adaptability, continually updating its product line to incorporate new technological advances. Orion, originating in 1975, offers a wide variety of telescopes and accessories. Their products are commonly used for all skill levels due to their durability and reliability. Meade, established in 1972, is also commonly used among a wide range of astronomers for their advanced computerized telescopes and high-quality optics. These brands are common alternatives to Vivitar for those looking for higher-quality telescopes, but the best brand will depend on an individual’s goals, budget and preferences.