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Celestron Telescope Brand: Quality, Telescopes, Locations

Celestron is a telescope brand distinguished by its innovation and quality in telescope design and manufacturing. Celestron was founded in May of 1964 in Torrance, California by Tom Johnson, an American electronic engineer. Celestron has since grown into one of the largest and most reputable telescope companies.

Tom Johnson founded the parent company of Celestron, Valor Electronics, in 1955. After 10 years, Johnson was searching for a telescope for his sons. This search led him to design his own 6-inch reflector. This reflector sparked his interest in designing larger and more complex instruments, prompting the formation of an Astro-optical division for Valor Electronics in 1960. 

In December 1964, Johnson changed Valor Electronics’ name to Celestron Pacific because of the rapid growth of the division’s telescope lineup. Soon after, Johnson shortened the name to Celestron. Knowing the history of Celestron allows astronomers to understand their telescope quality and make informed decisions based on the telescope’s reputation.

Celestron telescopes are commonly used for their high-quality optics and cost-efficient prices. In comparison to other brands, Celestron stands out due to its innovation, durability, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Celestron’s lineup includes several popular models, such as the NexStar and PowerSeeker series, preferred by many for their user-friendliness and advanced features. Celestron has expanded beyond California, becoming a global name for high-quality telescopes and other optical devices.

Is Celestron a Good Telescope Brand?

Yes, Celestron has built a strong reputation as a good telescope brand. The high-quality telescopes are a result of designing, manufacturing and refining different designs for over six decades. Each telescope is designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring optimal optical performance and quality.

Are Celestron Telescopes Good Quality?

Yes, Celestron telescopes are of good quality due to their precision, innovation and attention to detail. Their telescopes are designed to suit different skill levels, goals and preferences, providing a reliable and high-quality telescope for all observations.

Celestron continues to push the boundaries of innovation in its new designs. The company integrates the latest technology into its telescopes, ensuring they remain at the forefront of modern astronomical equipment. For example, newer Celestron telescopes often feature advanced tracking systems, powerful optics, and user-friendly interfaces that appeal to a broad audience.

Are Celestron Telescopes Better Than Orion?

No, Celestron telescopes are not better than Orion because each company has its own advantages and disadvantages. Orion is a telescope manufacturer that has garnered a similar reputation as Celestron, using the same manufacturing supplier, Synta, for many materials.

Because of the similarity, there is no definitive best. However, there are a few differences that distinguish these brands as the best for unique goals and preferences. For example, Celestron’s catalog is more cost-effective than Orion’s, but Orion has a more versatile selection of telescopes.

Are Celestron Telescopes Considered Expensive? 

No, Celestron telescopes are not generally considered expensive. Their price range varies widely based on model, features, and intended use, but it’s generally more cost-efficient than other brands.

Celestron offers a variety of telescopes suitable for all budgets. For beginners, they have entry-level models that are reasonably priced. For advanced astronomers, Celestron offers higher-end models, which are pricier but offer exceptional quality and functionality. The best model will depend on an individual’s skills, goals and preferences.

Which Celestron Telescopes Are the Most Popular?

The top 5 most popular Celestron telescopes, based on user preferences and market trends, are reviewed below.

  1. NexStar 8SE. This model is particularly favored for its advanced computerized “GoTo” mount and large aperture, providing crisp and detailed views of celestial objects.
  2. AstroMaster 130EQ. Known for its clear optics and sturdy equatorial mount, it’s a great choice for beginners looking to delve into the world of astronomy.
  3. PowerSeeker 127EQ. A reflector telescope with a large mirror for its price range, making it suitable for those who want a good balance between cost and performance.
  4. Omni AZ 102. This refractor telescope is praised for its sharp and bright images, combined with an easy-to-use altazimuth mount.
  5. TravelScope 60. This model is designed for portability, making it a favorite for travelers and on-the-go astronomers.

These telescopes have established a reputation of excellence for their intended observations, making them the most popular. From production to observation, these telescopes are designed with quality and precision in mind.

Where are Celestron Telescopes Made?

Celestron telescopes and their components are primarily made in Suzhou, Jiangsu. Celestron was manufactured in Torrance, California until 2005 when it was purchased by SW Technology Corporation. SW Technology Corporation is a US holding company, located in Delaware, for Synta Technology Corporation of Taiwan. 

After purchasing Celestron, Synta moved production to the Suzhou Synta Optical Company in mainland China to take advantage of lower manufacturing costs. The mounts, eyepieces and other Celestron components are manufactured in this factory in Suzhou, Jiangsu. Celestron’s manufacturing has shifted entirely overseas, but they still have offices and distribution centers in the US and UK.

Where is Celestron Company Located?

Celestron’s headquarters and distribution center are both located in Torrance, California. The headquarters is located at 2835 Columbia Street, Torrance, CA 90503. The distribution center is located at 475 Alaska Avenue, Torrance, CA 90503.

Celestron also opened an international sales office on December 3rd, 2013, to support its growth. This office is located at Unit 2, Transigo Gables Way, Thatcham RG19 4JZ, United Kingdom.