About Us

What is the mission of Telescope Nerd?

Telescope Nerd’s mission is to help you understand everything you need to know about telescopes to be able to choose the best telescope for yourself.

Whos it the original founder of the telescopenerd.com?

Will Kalif is the original founder of telescopenerd.com.

When was Telescope Nerd founded?

Telescope Nerd was founded in February of 2008 by Will Kalif.

How many people work for Telescope Nerd?

A team of 5 amateur astronomers work for Telescope Nerd.

Does Telescope Nerd offer vacancies?

Telescope Nerd does not offer vacancies at the moment.

Do team members of Telescope Nerd participate in telescope conventions and meetups?

Yes, our team members try to participate in the main telescope and space events and conventions.

How to contact Telescope Nerd for promotional purposes?

For promotional purposes you can send us an email at contact[at]telescopenerd.com

Is Telescope Nerd a manufacturer of telescopes?

No, Telescope Nerd is not a manufacturer of telescopes. Telescope Nerd is an informational website that educates and helps astronomers choose the telescope for their needs.

Does Telescope Nerd show ads on a website?

Yes, Telescope Nerd shows ads on the website. We also show other promotional content like sponsored interviews, informational banners and telescope reviews.