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Observatories and Astronomy club visits

Trips to Observatories and Astronomy Clubs

These are part of my bucket list!

Things have opened up in my life in the past few years and I have made a conscious effort to visit as many observatories, telescope clubs and events as I possibly can. So here is the list and you might want to check back occasionally because I do update this page.

The Nerd visits one of the biggest astronomy stores in America! Well, I don’t know if that’s true but it is really big! It is Stellarvision in Tucson Arizona

The Nerd Visits McDonald Observatory in Texas. It is the home of the Hobby-Eberly telescope which is one of the largest telescopes in the world.

The Telescope Nerd stays a week at the annual Grand Canyon Star Party. This National Park has some amazing dark skies. It is dark sky certified. I also took lots of Milky Way pictures. Learn more about it right here: The Grand Canyon Star Party

The Telescope Nerd visits Mount Palomar Observatory in California. This is where the famous 200 inch Hale telescope is. And it’s on the top of a mountain. Mount Palomar Observatory

A visit with the East Valley Astronomy Club – (Gilbert Arizona, near Phoenix) I went to one of their monthly open to the public star parties. And was shocked to see the amazing telescope they have.

The Gilbert Rotary Centennial Observatory – This observatory is on the Riparian preserve in Gilbert Arizona and it has a 16″ meade telescope.

A visit to the Phoenix Astronomical Society in Arizona – This is wonderful group of amateur astronomers and they have a spectacular 11″ Meade telescope that is pedestal mounted.

A Visit to Lowell Observatory in Arizona – Looking at celestial objects is an exercise in looking back in time. Which is wonderful. Visiting this observatory is also an exercise in looking back 100 years in time. That’s how long this observatory has been in service. Wonderful place to visit with some magnificent telescopes.

A return to Seagrave Memorial Observatory and the Skyscrapers astronomy club. They have an 8 inch Alvan Clark, a 12 ” Meade and a whopping 16″ Meade. Viewing was great. It was a terrific evening.

Stellafane – This is the ultimate telescope makers convention, held in Vermont every year. I finally made the trek up there and had a whole lot of fun, took a whole lot of pictures.

Ladd Observatory in Providence, RI – Wonderful observatory that is part of Brown University’s physics department. They have a gorgeous 12 inch refractor telescope that is 100 years old.

ASSNE – Astronomical Society of Southern New England – This is a vibrant community of amateur astronomers and they have a real interest in astrophotography. They meet at the Carpenter Museum in Rehoboth, MA and I attended their open viewing night which occurs once a month.

Seagrave Memorial Observatory (Scituate, RI) – Gorgeous observing grounds with several very nice telescopes

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