Hans Lippershey made the first telescope in 1608. The same year Galileo started improving Lippershey’s telescope. Johannes Kepler changed the eyepiece for a telescope in 1611. Modern day telescopes are based on the Keplerian’s design. Newton made the next step with the invention of the reflector. John Dollond is the reason we have commercial telescopes […]

The list of interesting telescope facts: Ancient China and Ancient Greece were the first to observe different scientific facts of optics between 5th-3rd BC. The exploration of optics in Medieval Europe was founded by the translation of the “Book of Optics” written by an Arab scientist Ibn al-Haytham in the 12th Century. Lens makers of […]

SkyWatcher FlexTube 200P is a great telescope for both beginners and experienced astronomers. It offers maximum aperture at this price range with a sturdy user-friendly mount. The collapsible tube is a great upgrade as it makes this heavy scope amazingly portable. Its high-quality optics make the observers joyful. Advantages and Disadvantages of SkyWatcher FlexTube 200P […]

Apertura DT6 Dobsonian telescope is a great beginner 6’’ telescope at an affordable price. This Newtonian reflector provides high contrast sharp images to create awesome night sky memories in the mind of amateur astronomers. This is the smallest Dobsonian scope in the market with high-quality optics and construction.  Advantages and Disadvantages of Apertura DT6 Dobsonian  […]

  Celestron Omni XLT 150 EQ Telescope offers a Newtonian reflector with a rigid German equatorial mount. A large aperture, fast focal ratio, and broader views allow serious astronomers to observe the details of the Moon and planets of our solar system and deep sky objects. The sturdy focuser accepts larger eyepieces allowing a range […]

Explore Scientific 10″ Truss Tube Dobsonian is well-known for its high quality and relatively low cost among amateur astronomers. The unique truss design makes the scope lightweight and portable. It is able to collect 1500 times more light than the bare eyes. The entire design ensures minimal weight with maximum rigidness. High altitude bearings and […]

Celestron SkyProdigy 6 Telescope is a perfect scope for a beginner as it takes unbelievably less time to set up (only 3 minutes), and gives more time for observation. It makes the first experience of a beginner hassle-free and allows observing myriads of sky objects with just a smooth hand controller. The combo of Schmidt-Cassegrain […]

SkyWatcher FlexTube 250P (10″ Collapsible) Telescope is a reflector Dobsonian scope. It offers a 10’’ large aperture with 1200 mm focal length, patented Tenson Control Handle, and portability at a modest price. The flexible features have made it a reliable and great grab-and-go telescope for beginners. Advantages and Disadvantages of SkyWatcher FlexTube 250P (10″ Collapsible) […]

Celestron Advanced VX 700 Telescope is designed exclusively for ‘experienced astronomers’ or sky gazers as it provides high-contrast planetary views. It offers a complete package of Maksutov-Cassegrain optical tube, robust advanced VX equatorial mount, and a sturdy steel tripod. Advanced mechanisms and software provide stunning high-quality views and images. Advantages and Disadvantages of Celestron VX […]