There are different types of telescopes available on the market depending on different features.  Here we will discuss the tube assembly and light path of five types of telescopes. Fig 1:  tube assembly and light path of five types of telescopes The image shows how they are different in assembly and lightpaths and they have […]

China is well-known for its contribution in all fields from ancient times. In fact, we get some of the brilliant records in the history of ancient Chinese astronomy also. Chinese created their own distinct methods of keeping astronomical records and they were not changed from 1800 BCE onwards. According to the legends, China built sky […]

What is a Finder Scope and how do you use it A finder scope is a small, low-power telescope used to help locate objects in the night sky. Finder scopes are typically mounted on astronomical telescopes, and they provide a wider field of view than the main telescope. This makes it easier to find faint […]