Best selling telescopes

I have three separate lists that all come from the official amazon number and this list is updated hourly by amazon.

  • Best selling refractor telescopes – These are the basic telescopes with a big lens on the front and an eyepiece in the back. Good value in the smaller sizes. Look through these if you want a beginner telescope with good performance at a low price.
  • Best selling reflector telescopes – This type of telescope has a mirror in the back and the eyepiece is in the front but mounted on the side of the tube. This telescope offers a lot of light gathering power at lower prices which gives you real good value in the mid to upper ranges of size and cost. Look through these if you want better viewing and a bigger telescope in the mid level range but with great value.
  • Best selling catadioptric telescopes – These are finely made telescopes that are composed of both lenses and mirrors. The telescope light path is folded so the telescope is much smaller than the other two types. This gives you a very fine performing instrument at a more portable size. But because of the fine optics these telescopes are higher in price. But inch per inch they definitely give you the best performance. Look through these if you want excellent performance and portable size, yet cost isn’t too much of a factor.