The Observatory

Interesting things in the night sky, and how to find them


The Night Sky for the Year 2019 – Here is a listing of some of the major things you can see for the year. This includes, planets, meteor showers and comets.

The Moon

Want to Know the Current Phase of the Moon?
Here is a graphic picture updated in real time that shows you the current lunar phase.

See a bigger animation of the moon going through its phases

Meteor Showers

Meteor Showers for 2019- Meteor Showers can be a lot of fun and they come back the same time every year. Here is a list.

The Planets

Here is a star chart of the zodiac constellations showing where the planets are currently located this month. This Months Planets

Night Sky Star Wheel –

Stuff from the Past (Archive)

  • The August 1, 2008 Solar Eclipse – You probably won’t be able to see it where you live but nasa will be webcasting it live and they will have it on nasa tv too.
  • EYE On the SKY – MARS: On January 27th 2010 Mars will make its closest pass to Earth since 2003 and it won’t come this close again until 2012. It will be located in the constellation Leo. On and around this date you will be able to get some good views of it and even with a small telescope it will be seen as a disk rather than a point of red light!