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Small Brass telescopes

Brass Telescopes

You might have seen an old-fashioned telescope-type object used by navigators or the captain of a large wooden ship in documentaries on the 17th or 18th-century events. This is possibly the Brass telescope we are going to discuss now. This is the kind of thing you get by inheritance. It symbolizes legacy and heritage and provokes a special feeling of the by-gone time and the inquisitiveness of the former astronomers.

There are two different kinds of Brass telescopes: the hand-held collapsible kind and the one with a tripod. The hand-held collapsible kind is the one that the captains of ships would use to observe mainly the lands. And the other one is not for use on ships or to observe the land objects. It is used by the port masters for observing the night objects beyond the sea. But in recent years, you will get brass telescopes with both features to make them perfect for both sky and land observations. 

Here we will describe what you need to know before you grab a brass telescope from the shop for yourself.

  • Mind the sizes: Firstly try to know about the size in inches. These telescopes are typically pretty high in size.
  • Don’t get attracted by the higher magnification powers: Often the marketers highlight the magnification power of the telescope. But do not get confused by this. Magnification is not that important because it does not make the picture clearer, it just gives you a magnified picture. The important thing is the resolution of the telescope. Therefore, there is no need to buy a telescope with more than 20x (20 power), because the more power it offers, the higher the prices become.
  • Focus on the size of the primary objective: The clarity of the view depends on the size of the objective. The bigger the primary lens or mirror will be, the more the light will be gathered i.e. the clearer the picture will be. Try to grab one with a minimum of 25mm which is at least an inch in diameter.
  • Try to understand the different numbers mentioned: In the name of a telescope or the advertisement, you will find a lot of numbers meaning something. Do not always think that the bigger the number, the better the telescope. Try to know in detail what a specific number means. For example, 18×50 where 18 means the magnification power of the telescope and 50 means the size of the primary lens. So this means the telescope magnifies an object 18 times its original size in the view and it has a 50 mm or about 2 inches wide primary lens.
  • Try to find one with a tripod or better mount: Everyone wants comfort while observing the sky. Because comfort makes the observation time expanded. Noone likes to observe the sky for a long time of discomfort. A tripod or a good mount is the thing that ensures comfort to the observer. Without a tripod, you may have to face arm fatigue while holding it for a long time. But there is another thing to take into account too. A tripod will increase the price of the telescope, and decrease the portability at the same time.

Hand-Held Brass Telescopes

 Here we have enlisted some hand-held brass telescopes among which you can quickly find your desired one.

  • 15″ Telescope with Wooden Box – Captain’s Spyglass

Fig 1: 15″ Telescope with Wooden Box – Captain’s Spyglass

This Captain’s Spyglass Premium Quality 15’’ telescope has four clear-coated brass tubes to avoid tarnishing and a 30mm wide objective lens. It measures 15’’ when the tubes are fully expanded and only 5’’ when collapsed.  You will find a smooth hard wooden or sometimes leather handle at the end which ultimately acts as a protector of the lens. It can magnify far away landscapes and objects well with the magnification power of 12x. All you have to do is to adjust the length to focus the image properly for a clear view. It also provides a hardwood case in which the whole thing fits properly.

  • Specialty 25 x 30 mm Brass Spyglass Telescope

Fig 2: Specialty 25 x 30 mm Brass Spyglass Telescope 

This is a classy thing with a unique style. It can extend from 5.25’’ to 14’’ and has a glossy brass finish with leatherette trim. You will also get a carrying case made of leather with belt loop and wrist strap which enhances portability. It has magnification power of 20x with a 30 mm wide diameter of objective lens.

  1. Barska 18×50 Collapsible Spyscope w/ Storage Chest

Fig 3: Barska 18×50 Collapsible Spyscope w/ Storage Chest

Barska 18×50 mm Anchormaster scope is a high-quality aristocratic classic scope. The brass optic is precisely made with a high-quality optic that is not only functional but also very stunning in look. This is really an ideal thing to view the terrestrial landscapes or even celestial bodies. It includes a huge light-gathering 50 mm (around 2 inches) objective lens which is actually a fully coated achromatic lens for excellent viewing and images. This is basically a refractor telescope having a magnification power of 18x. You can extend it up to 28’’ while viewing and collapse it up to 10 inches while storing. The storage is beautifully crafted with mahogany wood. This is a classy thing to keep in your home or office.

  • Orion Brass Classic 12×30 Brass Hand Telescope

Fig 4: Orion Brass Classic 12×30 Brass Hand Telescope

This is also a classy scope and can be used as a great gift! It can make any far-away views alive with fine details. It has polished brass and can be trimmed in a smart leatherette jacket. The optic has a 30mm achromatic objective lens made of glass and fully coated which is great for daytime viewing and images. The eyepiece has a magnification power of 12x that offers clear up-close views of distant objects. You just need to find the perfect focus of the eyepiece. It can extend up to 12’’ and collapses up to only 5’’ which makes it portable and handy with the belt cases. It is a great thing to carry on any outing, sightseeing, and touring. 

Mounted Brass telescopes

For camping or sightseeing for a long time, the mounted brass telescope is the best option as it does not cause arm fatigue. Here we have enlisted some Brass telescopes that are mounted on a smooth and classy pedestal.

  1. Barska 6×30 mm Anchormaster Spyscope with Desktop Pedestal

Fig 5: Barska 6×30 mm Anchormaster Spyscope with Desktop Pedestal

This telescope includes a functional desktop pedestal. The high-quality optic includes a 30 mm objective lens that is fully coated having a magnification power of around 6x magnification. It includes an internal image-correcting lens that allows right-side-up images for the bare eye. The helical focusing rings are very easy to use. The brass cradle mount helps the telescope to move in all directions you need smoothly and precisely. The desktop pedestal is handcrafted and made with mahogany.

  • Barska 20 – 60×60 mm Anchormaster Spyscope with Tripod

Fig 8: Barska 20 – 60×60 mm Anchormaster Spyscope with Tripod

This scope is really stunning and classy in look. It includes a huge light-gathering 60 mm (around 2.3 inches) objective lens with a powerful magnification of 20-60x. It also has helical focusing rings and polished brass construction. The tripod is handcrafted and made with mahogany wood. There is also a polished brass stabilizing chain in the pedestal. The brass cradle mount allows all-direction movements.

  • Brass Telescope Harbormaster 38

Fig 9: Brass Telescope Harbormaster 38 

This scope is a finely polished brass finish product that has an extraordinary extendable tripod and removable barrel. The scope itself has a length of 38’’ and the tripod can be extended up to 60’’. The decorative chain attached to the lens cap ensures protection for the lens. It also offers a powerful magnification of 32x. This high-quality maritime style scope is absolutely perfect for distant observing of landscape or night sky.

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