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Zhumell 70mm AZ Refractor Telescope

The largest member of its family, the Zhumell Portable 70mm AZ Refractor is the ideal grab-and-go telescope for taking with you everywhere you go, especially for camping vacations, treks, and backyard gatherings. Its small body easily fits within the provided nylon duffle bag, and you can be prepared to observe in just a few seconds.

You can use the manual altitude azimuth (AZ) mount to aim and position your telescope naturally at the object you want to see. This telescope has erect image optics, which create right-side-up images instead of upside-down or inverted ones like some telescopes do. This makes it ideal for observing daytime terrestrial subjects like nature and wildlife. On your upcoming adventure, bring your portable AZ Refractor.

Zhumell 70mm AZ refractor – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Great pricing
  • High-Quality Refractor
  • Digiscope with ease
  • Portable
  • Day-to-night performance
  • Superior optics


  • Users can outgrow them quite fast
  • Produce low-resolution images
  • Limited magnification options
  • Limited details for planetary viewing.

Technical Specifications of the Zhumell 70mm AZ


  1. The optics follow the Refractor optical design.
  2. The focal length is 400mm, with a focal ratio of f/5.7 and an aperture of 70mm.
  3. It has 100x more Light Gathering Power than the unaided eye.
  4. The optics are also coated glass.
  5. Its highest useful magnification is 165x.
  6. Has a 13″ optical tube length.
  7. Has a limiting stellar magnitude of 11.7.

Mount and Tripod

  1. Aluminium, 49″ max height

Physical appearance

  1. It weighs 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg)
  2. Moving it around is easy due to its size.

What comes in the box with the Zhumell 70mm AZ telescope?

  1. OTA
  2. Mount/tripod (preassembled)
  3. 20mm eyepiece
  4. 10mm eyepiece
  5. Erect image diagonal
  6. 5×20 finderscope
  7. Basic smartphone adapter
  8. Manual
  9. Carrier bag

What can you see with the Zhumell 70mm AZ telescope?

  • Mars – Can be seen perfectly; depending on its distance from the earth, you can be able to distinguish the poles.
  • Saturn – Rings might be observable, although they will appear to be the same colour as the planet.
  • Nebulas- The more noticeable ones, like Orion’s Nebula, include some stunning colour combinations that you should be able to observe. However, they will appear much better in long-exposure pictures.
  • Stars – An example of a star that may be seen with a 70mm telescope but not with the naked eye is Proxima Centauri, a tiny star with a magnitude of 11.

Recommended Accessories for Zhumell 70mm AZ

  1. Eyepiece and filter kit – To enhance the performance of the telescope.
  2. Sky filter – Darkens the backdrop sky and improves the contrast of deep-sky objects like emission nebulae.
  3. Telescope filter – As many emissions in double-star systems are in the range of doubly ionized oxygen, this is useful for viewing them.
  4. O-lll telescope filter – Excellent for viewing planetary and hazy nebulae. Views of the Veil, Orion, Dumbbell, Crescent nebulae, and Ring are greatly enhanced.
  5. Ultra-high contrast UHC filter – Reduces the negative effects of light pollution from both natural and man-made sources.
  6. Lunar and planetary colour filter set – You can use one or more of these filters to enhance the detail in the images you see via your telescope.

My personal experience with Zhumell 70mm AZ

I was drawn to this telescope by its size and portability. In general, it is strong. I did have to get a new cellphone holder before my vacation because I had two of the plastic knobs on it fall off. I needed two YouTube tutorials to set it up and get it operating. The instructions could only go so far. I can’t wait to use it when I go camping, but I’m also apprehensive that I won’t feel as at ease as I hope. Although it’s not the best for beginners, I got it and will succeed.

Other Refractor Telescopes By Zhumell

  1. Zhumell 50mm Portable Refractor Telescope – Inferior Compared to the Zhumell 70mm refractor. Has an aperture of 50mm (2”), and the highest and lowest useful magnification are 120x and 7x, respectively. However, the Zhumell 50mm AZ telescope has a higher focal ratio of f/7.2.
  1. Zhumell 60mm Portable Refractor Telescope – Has a slightly lower aperture of 60mm (2.36″), focal length of 360 mm (14.17″), and Eyepiece magnification (18x, 45x). The Zhumell 60mm AZ telescope also has a limited stellar magnitude of 11.7.

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