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SkyWatcher FlexTube 250P

SkyWatcher FlexTube 250P (10″ Collapsible) Telescope is a reflector Dobsonian scope. It offers a 10’’ large aperture with 1200 mm focal length, patented Tenson Control Handle, and portability at a modest price. The flexible features have made it a reliable and great grab-and-go telescope for beginners.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SkyWatcher FlexTube 250P (10″ Collapsible) Telescope


  • Large aperture at a lower price than other Dobsonian designs.
  • 8 x 50 mm viewfinder helps to avoid constant telescope adjustment to keep targets in the field of view.
  • The focuser is backlash-free ensuring smooth adjustment
  • Multi-coated high-quality Plossl eyepieces provide sharp images.
  • Teflon bearing system ensures smooth horizontal and vertical movement.
  • The truss-support concept allows the optical tube’s front and back parts to collapse together. It can be locked down while transporting the scope.
  • The mirror polishing is smooth and ensures high contrast.
  • The components and the structure are rigid and stable. 
  • Mount is rigid and easy to use.
  • Additional holes on the diagonal mirror allow it to get lower to the locking position to achieve focus while using bino-viewing.


  • Bearings can be annoying.
  • The price is debatable.

Technical Specifications of SkyWatcher FlexTube 250P Telescope


  • Plossl Eyepiece lens 
  • The objective lens is 254 mm in diameter offering a bold and bright viewing experience.
  • A large 10’’ aperture resolves dim sky objects like wispy galaxies and nebulae.
  • 1200 mm long focal length produces a fast focal ratio of f/4.7 ensuring a broad field view, a moderate magnification potential, and maximum light.
  • The primary mirror is parabolic and made of borosilicate.
  • Titanium, quartz, and silicon dioxide coating result in 94% of reflectivity.
  • Resolution is 0.55 arc sec (Rayleigh limit, 0.46 arcsec (Dawes Limit)).
  • The secondary mirror is 64 mm in diameter.
  • The eyepiece height is 48’’ while aiming towards the zenith.
  • The outer tube is 11.375’’ in diameter.


  • The focus type is auto, not manual.
  • A crayfold-style focuser is more precise than a rack-and-inion focuser.
  • Zero backlash
  • The holder is 2’’ in diameter ensuring eye relief for a long time.


  • Particle board Dobsonian mount
  • Takes a few minutes to set up.
  • Patented tension knob technology allows using as secure handles to carry the whole scope as a single piece.
  • Teflon bearings allow smooth azimuth movement.

Physical Appearance 

  • The weight is 40 lb when fully assembled.
  • The power source is an adapter.
  • The size is around 44’’ when set up but can be contracted to 31.5’’ when collapsed.

Accessories of SkyWatcher FlexTube 250P Telescope

  • Nosepiece of 1.25’’ 
  • Two eyepieces (25 mm- 48x and 10 mm-120x)
  • 2-1.25’’ eyepiece reducer adapter
  • 8×50 low power finderscope
  • 2-year Warranty

What can you see with the SkyWatcher FlexTube Telescope?

  • The phases of Venus and Mercury 
  • Icecap and even the dark markings of Mars when it is close.
  • Deimos (Outer moon of Mars)
  • The cloud belt and the Great Red Spot of Jupiter.
  • The Galilean moons Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto (the 4 largest moons of Jupiter)
  • Saturn’s rings, the Cassini Division, and some moons.
  • Uranus and Neptune with the moons Oberon and Titania
  • Pluto
  • The spiral· arms of brighter galaxies like M 51 and M 33, M 82 and M 31, and the H-II regions in M 33, M 101
  • Nebulae like Orion and Lagoon

Recommended Accessories For SkyWatcher FlexTube

  • Apertura 2x 1.25″ Barlow – A-2XB1
  • Astrozap Light Shroud for 10″ SkyWatcher Flex Tube Dobsonians – AZ1306
  • Apertura 15mm Super Wide Angle 1.25″ Eyepiece – SWA15
  • Apertura 1.25″ Laser Collimator with 45º Angled Face – A-LC

Astrophotography Example with SkyWatcher FlexTube 250P (10″ Collapsible) Telescope

Fig 3: Astrophotography with SkyWatcher FlexTube 250P (10″ Collapsible) Telescope (Ref: cloudynights)  

Fig 4: Astrophotography with SkyWatcher FlexTube 250P (10″ Collapsible) Telescope (Ref: cloudynights

Alternative Options To SkyWatcher FlexTube 250P

  • Apertura DT10: More Convenient bearings and improved mount design.
  • Orion XT8i: Includes  IntelliScope system that makes target locating easier than Dobsonian.
  • Apertura AD10 / Zhumell Z10 /Orion SkyLine 10: Better altitude bearing system, and a dual-speed Crayford focuser.