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SkyWatcher FlexTube 200P (8″ Collapsible) Telescope

SkyWatcher FlexTube 200P is a great telescope for both beginners and experienced astronomers. It offers maximum aperture at this price range with a sturdy user-friendly mount. The collapsible tube is a great upgrade as it makes this heavy scope amazingly portable. Its high-quality optics make the observers joyful.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SkyWatcher FlexTube 200P


  • Collapsible ‘Flextube’ increases portability.
  • The collimation is perfect.
  • Easy to set up.
  • The mount can move smoothly on both axes. 
  • The Crayford focuser offers a smooth backlash-free motion.
  • Large aperture at a low price.
  • High-quality optics


  • Open tube reduces contrast and cannot be used for solar observation.
  • Heavyweight and bulky in size.

Technical Specifications of SkyWatcher FlexTube 200P 

Optical Assembly

  • Newtonian reflector with 203 mm aperture and a 1200 mm focal length making a focal ratio of  f/6. 
  • Extendable optical tube.
  • 2 ” Crayford single-speed focuser accepts 2 ” barrel eyepieces for wider views.
  • Great optics.


  • The sturdy wooden rocker-box has to be assembled by the user that takes a long time (around an hour)
  • The altitude bearings are adjustable by twisting the handles.

Physical Appearance 

  • The OTA is generally 9.375” in diameter, and 44 ” long. The length is 33 ” when collapsed. 
  • The weight of the optical tube is 24 lbs 

Accessories of SkyWatcher FlexTube 200P 

  • A 25 mm Plossl (48x) and a 10 mm Plossl (120x)
  • 8 × 50 Right Angle Correct Image Finderscope 
  • A dust cap with a removable secondary cap

What can you see with the SkyWatcher FlexTube 200P (8″ Collapsible) Telescope?

  • The Moon and its craters.
  • The phases of Mercury and Venus.
  • Mars’ ice caps
  • The moons of Jupiter, the Great Red Spot
  • Saturn’s rings, the Cassini Division, the gap in the rings, and moons like Titan and Rhea.
  • Uranus and Neptune with Triton.
  • Nebula like M 42, globular cluster like M 13, double stars like Alberio and Saturn, etc.
  • Brighter galaxies like M 51, M 33, M 104, M 64, M 31, and M 82.

Recommended Accessories 

  • Vello T-Mount Lens to Nikon F-Mount Camera Lens Adapter
  • Celestron SLR (35mm OR Digital) Camera Adapter for All Refractor and Reflector Telescopes which Accept 1.25″ Eyepieces – Requires Camera-Specific T-Mount Adapter
  • Celestron NexImage 5 Solar System Imager (5MP)
  • Sensei DOC-CK Deluxe Optics Care and Cleaning Kit
  • Celestron Vibration Suppression Pads for Tripods
  • Tele Vue Bandmate Nebustar Type II UHC Filter (2″)
  • Celestron AstroMaster Accessory Kit (1.25″)
  • Tele Vue Ethos 13mm Ultra Wide-Angle Eyepiece (1.25″/2″)
  • A shroud 
  • 2 x 1.25 ” Barlow lens/6mm Goldline 
  • 15mm SVBONY wide-angle eyepiece
  • A wide-angle 2 ” eyepiece 
  • A nebula filter
  •  Orion UltraBlock 

Astrophotography Example with SkyWatcher FlexTube 200P (8″ Collapsible)

Photo: Astrophotography with SkyWatcher 8 ″ Collapsible -The moon (Ref: Cloudy Nights)  

Photo: Astrophotography with SkyWatcher 8 ″ Collapsible -Saturn (Ref: Cloudy Nights)  

Photo: Astrophotography with SkyWatcher 8 ″ Collapsible -Venus (Ref: Cloudy Nights)  

Photo: Astrophotography with SkyWatcher 8 ″ Collapsible -Jupiter (Ref: Cloudy Nights)

Alternative Options To SkyWatcher FlexTube 200P

  • Sky-Watcher Heritage 150P: Without GoTo or motors and affordable price.
  • Apertura DT10: Well-designed bearing system but only one eyepiece.
  • Apertura AD8 / Zhumell Z8 /Orion SkyLine 8: High-quality accessories.
  • Celestron StarSense Explorer 8 ” Dobsonian: A lightweight base.
  • Sky-Watcher 8” Classic Dobsonian: Lower price.
  • Apertura DT8: Better altitude bearings.
  • Sky-Watcher Virtuoso GTi 150P: Smaller and full motorized GoTo operation.

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