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Apertura DT6 Dobsonian Telescope

Apertura DT6 Dobsonian telescope is a great beginner 6’’ telescope at an affordable price. This Newtonian reflector provides high contrast sharp images to create awesome night sky memories in the mind of amateur astronomers. This is the smallest Dobsonian scope in the market with high-quality optics and construction. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Apertura DT6 Dobsonian 


  • Affordable price.
  • Sturdy optical tube assembly.
  • User-friendly sturdy and smooth rocker-box mount.
  • All metal super-smooth 1.25’’ Crayford focuser.
  • Great image quality even at higher power.
  • Collimation is easy.


  • Heavyweight.
  • Finderscope is short.

Technical Specifications of Apertura DT6 Dobsonian Telescope

Optical Assembly

  • Newtonian reflector with high optical quality
  • Parabolic primary mirror with 6’’ aperture and a focal length of 3.9’’ making a focal ratio of f/8.
  • The maximum magnification is 300x
  • A small secondary mirror with a long focus increases the contrast.
  • Easy to collimate
  • 25mm Plossl eyepiece
  • A lens cap is included for dust prevention.


  • Smooth Crayford focus ensures great performance.
  • It only accepts 1.25’’ eyepieces.
  • 1-speed focuser can cause a lot of vibrations at higher powers.


  • Altitude-Azimuth mount with a large altitude bearing surface provides smooth motion.
  • Tension adjustments are available.

Physical Appearance 

  • The total Weight is 37.69 lb. (17.09 kg)
  • The easy dismantling system makes it portable.

Accessories of Apertura DT6 Dobsonian 

  • A 1.25 ” Crayford style· focuser
  • A 6 x 30 straight through the finderscope
  • A 25 mm Plossl eyepiece (48x)
  • A lens· cap
  • Two-Year Warranty against product defects.
  • Three-Year Accident Replacement Program that begins after your initial 2-year warranty expires.
  • Your Apertura Absolute Warranty is transferable.

What can you see with Apertura DT6?

  • Excellent views of the Moon and its details.
  • The cloud bands of Jupiter and even the zones, the Great Red Spot, with details and the shadow of the Galilean satellite on it.
  • Saturn’s rings, the Cassini division, cloud bands, polar hexagons on the polar hood, its moon Titan, Rhea, and Iapetus, etc.
  • Albedo features of Mars and ice cap
  • Uranus and Neptune look like bright small blue sift disks.
  • Mercury & Venus as small balls.
  •  Galaxies like M 51, M 33, M 81, M 82, etc.
  • The Virgo Cluster of galaxies
  • Nebulae like Orion, Lagoon, Flame nebula, Alnitak, Veil nebula, etc.

Recommended Accessories 

  • Apertura 2x 1.25″ Barlow – A-2XB1
  • Apertura 10mm Super Wide Angle 1.25″ Eyepiece – SWA10
  • Apertura 1.25″ Moon Filter – A-MF1
  • Apertura 1.25″ Laser Collimator with 45º Angled Face – A-LC

Astrophotography Example with Apertura DT6 Dobsonian Telescope 

Fig 3: Astrophotography with Apertura DT6 Dobsonian Telescope (Ref: encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.)  

Alternative Options To Apertura DT6 Dobsonian 

  • Sky-Watcher 6” Traditional Dobsonian: Provides two eyepieces and a 2’’ focuser.
  • Orion SkyLine 6 is literally a repainted DT 6: Includes a 9 mm Plossl eyepiece.
  • The Sky-Watcher Heritage 150P: Wider field of view and more portable.
  • The Orion XT6 is similar to the DT 6: Includes a plastic focuser and a red dot finder.