Zhumell Telescopes

With Zhumell you get precision-crafted and field-tested optics for the most affordable price. So even if you’re starting as an amateur astronomer, you don’t have to settle for entry-level products. Zhumell customers enjoy astronomy in rich, colourful detail – the kind of detail that only high-performance optics can produce.

Zhumell designs telescopes for discerning, price-conscious users who are uncompromising on quality. You are looking for Zhumell if you want reasonably cost optics that will make the world more accessible.

Features such as the streamlined mechanical design of the Zhumells and their durable and sturdy constructions allow Zhumell telescopes to endure even after years of wear and tear from their use and travel.

Zhumell has two types of telescopes:

Zhumell Reflectors

A reflecting telescope uses a single mirror or combination of curved mirrors to reflect light and form an image. Zhumell has a range of reflector telescopes with a wide range of prices. 

The telescopes are categorized as follows: The 100mm, 114mm, and 130mm Z-series tabletop Dobsonians, which are very much portable; the 8-12″ full-sized Z series Dobsonians with very high magnification, and a few inexpensive 76mm AZ reflectors are all available reflector telescopes from Zhumell. 

All of these Zhumell reflectors fall between the $159 to $1300 price range, and their peak magnification ranges from 200X to 600X, depending on the telescope you choose.

Zhumell Refractors 

Refracting telescopes, often known as refractor telescopes, are optical telescopes that create images by using lenses rather than mirrors as their objective. 

Refractors have two advantages over reflectors: they can quickly and easily connect to any smartphone via their adapters. Almost all are more portable, but however, refractors tend to have a smaller highest magnification range compared to their reflector counterparts. They have a very limited highest magnification range of 118X-165X, but they are still worth looking at. Here is a list of some of the Zhumell Refractors; The Zhumell 50mm AZ, the Zhumell 60mm AZ and finally, theZhumell 70mm AZ.

What Can You See With Zhumell Telescopes In General?

With Zhumell telescopes you can see:

  • Mercury and Venus
  • Dark regions of Mars
  • Jupiter’s cloud belts
  • Great red spot
  • Pluto
  • Catalog galaxies
  • The Orion Nebula
  • The Pleiades star cluster
  • Planets
  • Passing comets
  • Total eclipse of the moon
  • The rings of Saturn
  • Possibly the colors of Uranus and Neptune
  • Star clusters
  • Galaxies
  • Nebulae

Are Zhumell telescopes worth the price?

Zhumell Reflectors are of high quality and come collimated (Collimation is the process of aligning all components in a telescope to bring light to its best focus) out of the box, making these reflectors easy to use. The Zhumell reflectors prices are ranging from $119 to $1300, there is a Zhumell reflector for every budget within the range. Whether you want a simple view of passing comets to detailed views of Saturn’s rings, there is a Zhumell reflector for everyone. 

The Zhumell Refractors, on the other hand, are extremely lightweight and portable, making them ideal for travel and camping trips. They are good for viewing celestial objects and ideal for taking close-up shots of nature. They also come with smartphone adapters making them easy to integrate with smartphones for capturing pictures and recording video.

The durable, sturdy construction of the Zhumells means your Zhumell will stand up to years of use and travel because of their great quality. All these reasons make the Zhumells a go-to when purchasing your brand-new telescope.

How to use Zhumell telescopes

Depending on the Zhumell model you wish to work with, specific instructions for setting it up come with the telescopes right off the box. But the process of using the microscope comprises of the following. Before you begin, a rule of thumb is to never! Ever! Point the telescope to the sun without filtration, as this can cause instant blindness in some cases.

The telescope comes together in seconds when you arrive at your observing site. Swing the scope on its lazy susan-style and manually point your telescope as best as possible at the target, then look through the eyepiece. The target should be in the field of view, but if it isn’t, use the slow-motion control dials or knobs on your telescope’s mount to make adjustments until the object is in the center of the eyepiece. When your object is correctly focused, enjoy your beautiful view.

Are Zhumell Telescopes Good?

Zhumell telescopes are designed to fit in the mid-to low-price range of telescopes. In this range, they offer many high-quality parts, features, and craftsmanship that you don’t often get in telescopes in the same price range, making them a wonderful value. 

They have a solid reputation for manufacturing high-quality telescopes that are reasonably priced. Zhumell began when they decided to create telescopes that were better quality for the money than what was available while still being better than average. 

This is underlined in their marketing. The durable, sturdy construction of the Zhumells means your Zhumell will stand up to years of use and travel because of their great quality. These reasons make Zhumell the go-to when purchasing budget-friendly Telescopes.

About Zhumell

Zhumell is a relatively minor brand owned by Hayneedle, a significant eCommerce vendor that was purchased by Walmart’s Jet.com. Zhumell is based in Omaha, Nebraska, in the United States. 

Even though Zhumell is perhaps not the most well-known optical company, the quality of their telescopes is rather relative to the prices they are sold at. They generally have good customer service, and their telescopes come with their required accessories, thus making them a good competitor in the budget-friendly telescope arena.