With Zhumell you get precision-crafted and field-tested optics for the most affordable price. So even if you’re starting as an amateur astronomer, you don’t have to settle for entry-level products. Zhumell customers enjoy astronomy in rich, colourful detail – the kind of detail that only high-performance optics can produce. Zhumell designs telescopes for discerning, price-conscious […]

For serious stargazing, the highly adaptable Newtonian design provides the best value. The reflectors range from an extremely powerful 12″ Deluxe Dobsonian reflector to a simple yet portable 76mm Newtonian on a portable Alt-Azimuth mount. If you can easily access reasonably dark skies and want to add excitement to your observing program, check out Zhumell’s […]

Refractor telescopes are duly recognized as astronomy’s sharpest optical design compared to other types of telescopes. The sturdy construction of the Zhumells means your Zhumell will stand up to years of use and travel because of their great quality. All these reasons make the Zhumells a go-to when thinking of purchasing a refractor.  Building upon […]