Tutorials on how to take pictures of the stars, milky way & night sky

If you want to take some stunning pictures of the moon and other astronomical objects and events, there are some easy tips that can help you a lot. Today we will share many amazing video tutorials on taking pictures of night sky objects.

  • How to take pictures of the moon

Fig 1: One side of the moon

Look at the picture. This is so clear that the craters are also visible. You will not believe that it was taken using an 8 inch telescope. Surely, only the telescope will not give you such image. You need to add a digital camera and a t-ring adapter. If you know the tricks, you will be amazed by your own shots. For details, click on the link.

Tutorial: How to take pictures of the moon with a digital camera and a cheap piece of equipment called a t-ring adapter.

  • How to take pictures of the Milky Way

Fig 2: One arm of Milky Way 

This photo was taken by just a digital camera without using any telescope. See how clear the photo is! The individual colors are also distinct. For this you just need to know the features of digital camera and how to use that, and obviously a sturdy tripod. for more details, visit the blog (the link is given below).

Tutorial: How to easily take Milky Way photos with a digital camera. 

  • How to take picture of the Sun with small telescope

Fig 3: The sun

While you are taking photo of sun, your eyes and the optical systems of the scope and camera, all are at risk to get harmed. If you just use a solar system, you can be out of danger. Additionally, you will need an adapter to connect the camera with your telescope. To know the details, please visit the link below.

Tutorial: How to take pictures of the sun with a small telescope

  • How to take pictures of the stars

Fig 4: The constellation· Sagittarius. The bright object is Jupiter.

To take photos of star clusters, stars, or planets, you need a sturdy tripod so that the camera is still while taking the photo. And your camera must have bulb setting so that the shutter can be kept open for long. To know more click on the link given below.

Tutorial: How to take great star photos without a telescope

Hope the tutorials will help you!