Photo: The Moon with a 6-inch telescope A telescope, no matter how small it is, can reveal a whole new world to you. The moon is always observable whether you are in a town or a village with even the smallest telescope and it always looks spectacular. You will also be able to see other […]

Hans Lippershey made the first telescope in 1608. The same year Galileo started improving Lippershey’s telescope. Johannes Kepler changed the eyepiece for a telescope in 1611. Modern day telescopes are based on the Keplerian’s design. Newton made the next step with the invention of the reflector. John Dollond is the reason we have commercial telescopes […]

The list of interesting telescope facts: Ancient China and Ancient Greece were the first to observe different scientific facts of optics between 5th-3rd BC. The exploration of optics in Medieval Europe was founded by the translation of the “Book of Optics” written by an Arab scientist Ibn al-Haytham in the 12th Century. Lens makers of […]