Articles about Telescopes and Astronomy

Telescope Buying Guides

  • Brilliant Advice for you before buying a first telescope – Whether it be for you or as a gift for someone else I have some advice that is virtually priceless. This way you can make an excellent decision as to which telescope to buy or even if you should buy one.
  • Christmas is just around the corner! If you are thinking about buying someone a telescope as a gift, but you have no idea what to buy, I have an article showing you what telescope to get! And I have it broken down by price for you. How to Buy a Telescope as a Christmas Present
  • We are losing the night sky – Light pollution, and regular pollution are getting worse. Read my article about this problem and what you should do.
  • How to take pictures of the sun with a small telescope – I show you how to do it with just about any type of digital camera and any type of small telescope.
  • Advice when buying a telescope on craigslist – You can get a great deal but there are some things to look out for! I give you solid advice on the types of telescopes, general price guidelines and what to look out for.
  • A Guide to Buying Used Telescopes – I have 5 tips for getting a used telescope and some places where you can buy them
  • Good Telescopes for Beginners – I give you three recommendations for good telescopes with value and explain the benefits. I look at the different makers of telescopes and the different types. If you are a beginner trying to figure out which telescope you should buy this guide will help.
  • A Guide to telescopes for kids – Solid advice on what to look for and how much to spend.
  • How to Buy A Telescope – I lay out some basic information and some basic facts that will help you make a good telescope buying decision – one that is based on your wants, needs, skill levels and budget.
  • The Telescope Nerd’s Guide to buying a telescope on Amazon.
    THere are thousands of telescopes on amazon. Which ones are the better choice? I dispel the confusion and give you some great advice including specific telescopes. Will’s Guide to Buying a Telescope on Amazon

Astronomers and Their Telescopes


  • Johannes Kepler -Mathematician, astronomer and Optician. He invented a type of telescope and changed how we view the orbit of planets around the sun.
  • SIr Isaac Newtons Telescope and how it changed the world
  • James Gregory and the Gregorian Telescope – The first design for a reflector
  • Galileo’s Telescope – Galileo is often credited with the invention of the telescope. He didn’t invent it but he was one of the first people to turn it to the night sky. And his observations changed our view of the universe.
  • Telescopes are not just for nerds
  • William Herschel – the maker of the largest telescope in the world (for his time)
  • A look at the Biggest Telescopes in the World, and some biggies that are under construction
  • Amateur astronomy laments the loss of John Dobson. – He was the monk turned astronomer and a tireless advocate of astronomy as a hobby. His telescope design is famous and wide-spread. I have a picture of an actual Dobsonian telescope that was signed by him. Read more here


About Telescopes and Accessories

  • The types of refractor lenses including EPO ED, triplets and doublets. – An easy explanation of the types of lenses in telescopes and how they perform.
  • About Magnification and Light Gathering – We always think about magnification. How much power does the telescope have? But that is really not important. With a telescope it really is all about the Light gathering ability.
  • The Five major types of telescopes. This isn’t about the brand names but about the different types such as reflector, refractor and maksutov.
  • A look at the finderscope on a telescope, what it is and how to use it
  • An explanation of Telescope Aperture – It’s a pretty easy thing to understand and it is very important!
  • The Barlow Lens, what it is and how to use it – This great little addition magnifies the power of your eyepieces
  • All about Rich Field Telescopes and how they are a great option for beginners
  • The Nerds Guide to getting the most out of an inexpensive and small telescope.
    So you have bought a small telescope or will be buying one. It can be a confusing process. I have a guide that shows you how to get the most out of it! There are some things you should know how to do. It will make your night time viewing much more rewarding. You can see a lot with a small telescope!
  • A Guide to telescopes for kids – Solid advice on what to look for and how much to spend.
  • Astronomy books for kids – There are two kinds of astronomy books. The first kind teaches all about astronomy and usually has projects and activities. The second kind of book is a companion to viewing the night sky. I give you recommendations on both types.
  • Telescopes for Beginners Looking to buy a telescope and need a recommendation?
  • All about Telescope Mirrors
  • Why is it so hard to point and move my telescope? Explained
  • An Explanation of Telescope Mounts (Equatorial, Alt-Azimuth and Dobsonian)
  • How to Buy a Dobsonian telescope
  • The Celestron SkyScout and the Meade MySky
  • The Difference between a Refractor and a Reflector
  • Resources for Dobsonians, Buying and Making them
  • Recommendations for your First Telescope
  • Makers of Telescopes
  • The parts of a Reflector Telescope
  • What is A Refractor Telescope?
  • Why is the Eyepiece on the side of the Telescope
  • How to use a small telescope> A Guide to getting the most out of a small scope
  • Formulas for telescopes – I have a variety of formulas for using telescopes, understanding telescopes and making them

How to do astronomy and use telescopes

  • What are the easiest constellations to find? There are a few constellations that really stand out and are very easy to find.
  • When can the constellations be seen? I show you how the night sky works and why you can see constellations every night of the year.
  • List of stars in the constellations – There are lots of amazingly bright and colorful stars in the night sky. This list shows you some of the brightest and best ones and what constellations they are in.

More Telescope and Astronomy Stuff


  • About the Bortle Scale – The average person doesn’t usually think about the fact that the darkness of the night sky can vary a lot. Light pollution is a serious issue for star gazers. There is a scale that measures this darkess.
  • “Wow” is the thing that every amateur astronomer loves to hear – Showing somebody their first look through a telescope at a celestial object is a very rewarding, and very human thing.
  • Will just bought a Celestron Powerseeker telescope and I love it!
  • Ancient Chinese Astronomy – They were successful and accomplished astronomers going back thousands of years. Read about it here.
  • A look at Double Stars – They have a fascinating history and are an important part of astronomy and telescopes.
  • The Astronomia Nova – Kepler’s 1609 Book that changed the orbits of the planets from perfect circles to ellipses and placed them in orbit around the Sun rather than the Earth.
  • About the SLOOH TelescopeTake control of a real telescope from your computer. It is something called the SLOOH robotic telescope and you can follow along with real missions or direct it to anything in the sky that you like. It is a fun way to get to actually use a big telescope. There is a free level for basic stuff and a level where you pay for minutes at the telescope.
  • Why you should get a telescope – it can be a profound experience
  • Explore the night sky without a telescope
  • Enjoying Astronomy with Binoculars
  • Astronomy without a Telescope
  • A Tour through the Universe
  • Cool Technology for Astronomers
  • First timers Guide to Astronomy and Telescopes
  • How to Buy A Telescope
  • Understanding Magnification and Telescopes
  • Make a telescope for under Twenty Bucks
  • Telescope Kits
  • Reminiscing about the telescope I always wanted (The Celestron 14)

Specific Telescopes and Manufacturers Information


  • Meade RCX-400
  • Meade ETX-125PE
  • About Meade Telescopes
  • My Meade Telescope Store
  • Orion Telescopes

Telescope Making Articles

  • New: A review of 5 telescope making books
  • How to Make a Telescope Part1: Easy Telescopes
  • Make a Cabinet Mount Telescope. (8 inch newtonian reflector)

Famous Astronomers and Telescope Makers

  • Who Invented the First telescope? Some new evidence shows us telescopes were around sooner than we think.
  • William Herschel – He discovered Uranus, put together a massive list of nebulae (over 2500 objects) and built a telescope that was forty feet long.
  • James Gregory – The inventor of the first reflector or Gregorian Telescope
  • Johannes Kepler -Mathematician, astronomer and Optician. He invented a type of telescope and changed how we view the orbit of planets around the sun.