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Zhumell Z100 Reflector Telescope

The Zhumell Z100 Portable Reflector Telescope features a 100mm parabolic primary mirror, a high-end feature that’s very uncommon in telescopes of this size. The parabolic mirror removes visual defects like spherical aberration, providing noticeably sharper views. 

The primary mirror and all other optical surfaces are coated with Zhumell’s high-reflectivity coatings. You can count on more than 90 per cent light transmission for brighter views of even dim objects like nebulae.

The Zhumell Z100 features a simple and streamlined mechanical design. Durable, sturdy construction allows this Dobsonian reflector to endure even after years of wear and tear from use and travel. Conveniently compact and lightweight, the Z100 easily packs away so you can take it with you to remote star parties or on camping trips.

Zhumell Z100 Portable Reflector – Advantages and Disadvantages


  1. Easy to use
  2. Pre-assembled out of the box
  3. Good accessories
  4. Great value for money
  5. Compact and portable
  6. Mechanical design is simple and streamlined
  7. Good for viewing faint objects in outer space


  1. Will need regular maintenance and collimation
  2. Not very usable at its max power
  3. Coma is prevalent in lower focal ratio systems

Technical specifications of the Zhumell Z100 Reflector Telescope


  1. The optics follow the Reflector optical design.
  2. The focal length is 400mm, with a focal ratio of f/4 and an aperture of 100mm.
  3. It has a limiting stellar magnitude of 12.7.
  4. It has the highest theoretical magnification of 200x.
  5. Its lowest useful magnification is 14x

Mount and Tripod

  1. Tabletop Dobsonian

Physical appearance

  1. It has an assembled weight of 6.2 pounds.

What comes in the box with the Zhumell Z100 Telescope?

  • Zhumell Z100 Telescope
  • Single Arm Dobsonian Mount
  • Red Dot Finder
  • 17mm 1.25” Eyepiece
  • 10mm 1.25” Eyepiece
  • Screwdriver
  • Lens cap

What can you see with the Zhumell Z100 Reflector Telescope?

  1. Jupiter’s Great Red Spot
  2. Saturn’s majestic rings
  3. Uranus and Neptune
  4. Jupiter and Saturn’s moons
  5. Globular clusters
  6. The Moon
  7. Decent views of Venus and Mars

Recommended accessories for the Zhumell Z100

  1. With a 9mm Goldline eyepiece, the Z100 will provide 44x magnification. 
  1. You could add a 2x Barlow lens to get 80x with the included 10mm and 133x with the 6mm Goldline.
  1. A UHC filter  – greatly enhances the view of emission nebulae with the Z100. 

My personal experience with the Zhumell Z100 Portable Telescope

The telescope comes together in seconds. Once you’re set-up, swing the scope on its lazy susan-style mount toward your desired object. Centre your target in the Red Dot Finderscope, you’re ready to view it through the eyepiece. 

Whether you’re an experienced amateur astronomer or a brand-new stargazer, the Zhumell Z100 brings you the night sky on your terms. This convenient, portable telescope is always ready to deliver impressive, detailed images, from a quick peek at the sky in your backyard to a marathon night of stargazing.

Other Reflector telescopes by Zhumell

  1. Zhumell 76mm AZ Reflector- Its quality is up there with other higher-end telescopes. The Zhumell 76mm AZ Reflector is one of the most affordable reflectors on the market, coming in well under a hundred dollars. 
  1. Zhumell Z8- Operating it is an easy, straightforward process. The Zhumell Z8 Dobsonian telescope’s eyepieces contain fully multi-coated optics.
  1. Zhumell Z114 Portable Reflector Telescope- It is great for young kids due to its easy-to-use optics. The Zhumell Z114 can pick out a greater variety of obscure NGC galaxies with the larger optic.
  1. Zhumell Z130 Portable Reflector Telescope- This 6” Dobsonian isn’t too expensive and gives you much more flexibility and capability. The Zhumell Z130 is fairly lightweight and portable.
  1. Zhumell Z12 Dobsonian telescope – It has two mirrors inside the tube on which the light gathered from Outerspace will bounce before reaching the eyes of the observer. The Zhumell Z12 has the highest theoretical magnification of 600x.
  1. Zhumell Z10 Dobsonian telescope – It has a good balance between aperture/portability. The Zhumell Z10 has the highest theoretical magnification of 224x.