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SkyWatcher StarTravel 102 AZ3 Telescope

SkyWatcher StarTravel 102 AZ3 Telescope is a pretty good scope for experienced sky gazers. It is not preferable for children or beginners as it includes a lot of controls. Without prior knowledge, it may seem hard for novice users. The small size & light weight has made it an easy ‘grab & go’ scope. Full 4’’ aperture, 2’’ focuser, and fast f/5 focal ratio create a little chromatic aberration but it performs spectacularly on deep-sky objects.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SkyWatcher StarTravel 102 AZ3


  • Four inches aperture provides high contrast views
  • A simple alt-azimuth mount is perfect for beginners.
  • The construction is sturdy.
  • The refractor has no central obstruction that improves the contrast of the image.


  • High power optics creates chromatic aberration.
  • Included 45-degree prism is not that useful.

Technical Specifications of SkyWatcher StarTravel 102 Telescope


  • The achromatic multi coated lens with a 102 mm aperture and a 500 mm focal length makes a focal ratio of f/5.
  • The actual magnification is 100x for chromatic aberration though it was supposed to be 200x.
  • The metal tube is sturdy and short.
  • The dew and light shield is adjustable.
  • The black color inside the shield prevents light scattering.
  • The middle part of the dust cap can be removed to reduce the aperture making chromatic aberration low.


  • 2’’ diameter rack & pinion focuser is smooth and easy to use with mediocre plastic knobs. 
  • It allows ultra-wide-field 2 ” eyepieces with 2’’ diagonal.
  • The visual is rotatable and can be locked by a locking ring.


  • The built-in Synta-style finder shoe holds the 6×30 finderscope.

Mount & Tripod

  • The altitude-azimuth mount is sturdy and well-balanced.
  • The slow-motion knobs interfaced with a lever-arm system make tracking easy.
  • Tube rings are adjusted to the mount permanently and there is no vixen dovetail.
  • The aluminum tripod is sturdy.
  • A large triangular tray can be used to put eyepieces and dust caps.

Physical Appearance 

  • The optical tube assembly weight is 3kg.

Accessories of SkyWatcher StarTravel 102

  • Two good quality eyepieces (25mm-20x, 10 mm-50x)
  • Tripod accessory· tray 
  • 1.25 ” erect 45 ° image· diagonal 
  • 2 ” to 1.25 ” adapter
  • A red· dot finder

What can you see with SkyWatcher StarTravel 102 AZ3?

  • The Moon and the craters
  • The planets of our solar system.
  • All of 110 Messier objects like Double Cluster in Perseus

Recommended Accessories 

  • Explore Scientific 6.5mm 52° Argon-Purged Waterproof Eyepiece – 1.25″ – EPWP5265-01
  • Apertura 2x 1.25″ Barlow – A-2XB1
  • Celestron 1.25″ Moon Filter 18 % Light Transmission – 94119-A
  • Celestron Sky Maps and Planisphere – 93722

Astrophotography Example with SkyWatcher StarTravel 102 Telescope

Fig 3: Astrophotography with SkyWatcher StarTravel 102 AZ3 (Ref: stargazerslounge)  

Fig 4: Astrophotography with SkyWatcher StarTravel 102 AZ3 (Ref: stargazerslounge)  

Fig 5: Astrophotography with SkyWatcher StarTravel 102 AZ3 (Ref: opticalvision)  

Fig 6: Astrophotography with SkyWatcher StarTravel 102 AZ3 (Ref: opticalvision)  

Alternative Options To SkyWatcher StarTravel 102 

  • 6 ” Dobsonian reflector: Better views than StarTravel 102 AZ3
  • StarBlast 4.5: Better planetary views at a lower price
  • AWB OneSky 130 / SkyWatcher Heritage 130 P: Lower price & better views.