Why you should get a telescope

Astronomy is not as hard as most people think. Anyone at any age can start observing the sky. This can be regarded as just a hobby to some people. But it is not merely a hobby, it opens a new universe to the person. The person feels new thrills, collects new stories about the sky, and also gets more interest to know more about the mysteries of the deep dark sky objects. It connects with more friends while sharing amazing experiences, stories, and new findings. And this whole package does not cost that much. It is quite cheap.

There is a lot of options to buy a telescope according to your budget, experience level, and interest. So it is not beyond the capacity of general people to own one. Here we will explain how a telescope can benefit you in many ways.

  • Learn more

From the ancient times people has been thinking about the sky objects just for their curiosity. A telescope will enable you to learn more about the astronomical events and objects that is not possible with the bare eyes. You will be able to see the moon surface more clearly, the stunning rings of Saturn, bright Venus, the stripes of Jupiter, the red planet Mars, stunning star clusters, a part of our own galaxy Milky Way, other galaxies, and so on. You will also get the idea about the time of appearance of different objects in different parts of the sky. Moreover, you will perceive various astronomical theories discovered by the scientists. In fact, this is a huge ield of research that is opened when you start to use a telescope.

  • Higher Studies

If you want to pursue your higher studies in Physics and Astronomy, you should have a telescope of your own. Though in your university, you will get a chance to conduct your experiments with large telescopes, you will not be able to use them whenever you want. Besides, if you have prior experience to use a telescope, you will find it far easier when you will be in your university lab to use a large one. Moreover, you will find some fields for higher study which direct to research on building more advanced telescopes. Obviously the more you will learn about your own telescopes, the easier it will be.

  • Differentiate between the fact and the fiction

Many myths regarding sky objects exist since ancient times. Ancient people used to observe the sky for finding astrological predictions, for example, the connection between the movement of the sky objects and the life occurrences of people. You will find each constellation has its own story in the myths. By the time, the contribution of many scientists, all of them are myths and superstition. If you start using a telescope, you will have practical experience with the sky events, and you will have a more clear idea about the well-known fictions and the facts.

  • Career

Nowadays a lot of career options are available. Do you believe that your experience in using different telescopes may lead to a successful career? Many projects are going on throughout the world by various telescope companies who need engineers to make telescopes with different features like more efficient, cheaper, etc. You also can write books on how to use any specific telescopes for amateurs, or books on astrophotography and so on and obviously earn your money! If you are really eligible, you may get a chance to work for large telescope Research by NASA like the James web telescope for example.

  • Astro-Photography

Astro-Photography is a popular hobby nowadays. What you need for this are your own telescope and a clear sky. You can take updates from the internet and look for any astronomical events, like planetary parades for example where you will find some planets in our solar system have taken a position in such a way that looks like a parade. You also can take photos of outstanding meteors, comets, and even supernovas or a bright nebula. You will find how beautiful and meaningful a simple photograph of a dark night sky can be if you just know when and what to click.

  • Terrestrial photography

Most people think that telescopes are only at night only for observing the dark sky. But the fact is u can use it in the daytime to see distant objects on the earth too. A telescope allows us to catch special moments from far away. For example, assume, a beautiful bird is standing on a simple branch or something in the middle of a pond or a river. Now it is impossible that you will go near it and take a photo because any disturbance will make it fly away. Your phone or camera will not allow you to take remote photos with clear resolution all the time. Your own telescope is the best to catch the moment.

  • Enjoy the hobby

Stargazing is an amazing hobby. It will make you feel how tiny we are compared to the vast whole universe. When you will look at the stunning astronomical objects and events and share this with your friends and family, you will get amazing pleasure. Whenever the day will end and the evening comes, you will find someone inducing you in your heart to grab the telescope and explore the sky. In the end, you will enjoy your hobby for sure. And for this, you just can love your own telescope.

  • Good memory 

If you start sky observation at an early age, this will create a good memory when you will be old. When you will look at your own telescopes, one or many, it will give you the same excitement you felt when you were young to go for a look at the sky again. If you have taken astrophotographs, when you will look at them when you are elderly, you will feel the same pleasure which will make you smile. A telescope is not only an observational instrument, it is a package of good memories for you.

  • Gift idea

A telescope can be an awesome gift for anyone of any age. You can give it to a kid of even 6 years, or a grown-up with a real passion for astronomy. A telescope is a classy thing that symbolizes wisdom and passion for science. And there are telescopes at various prices available on the market. The smallest and cheapest telescope costs around 65-70 dollars whereas you will also find some at thousand dollars. You can choose one of them according to your budget and the age and experience level of the person you want to present this. You can be sure that this gift will make the person very happy.

  • Get Famous

Do you know your telescope can make you famous if you just know the ways? There are a lot of groups on Facebook where sky gazers and astronomers post their astrophotographs of various unusual night objects like comets and meteors, beautiful night sky views like nebulae and aurora, and astronomical events like planetary parades, supernova, lunar eclipse, and so on. Any of your outstanding clicks can be enough to get viral and make you famous overnight. Besides, you can write books on telescopes and your observation which can make you well known too.

  • Teach others

If you enjoy teaching, telescope can be an interesting subject to teach. There are a lot of amateurs who really find it difficult to use a telescope, focus on objects, and understand the different features and quality of telescopes. If you have prior knowledge of that, you can be an amazing teacher to them. You also can make video tutorials and blogs and publish them on youtube or your own website, from where the beginners can have detailed ideas of what they are curious about. Additionally, it can be a great source of income too.

  • New discovery

The telescope is the thing that allowed astronomical discoveries. Before the invention of the telescope, people could not see the sky clearly which resulted in so many myths and fiction about sky objects. Telescope brought out the truth in front of human eyes clearly by the hand of the scientists. You also can discover something new may be only for yourself for example, new knowledge and new experience. 

So here are the advantages of owning a telescope. I think you do not need more reason to have one.