Telescope Drawings

Telescopes make images of distant objects. What if we make images of the telescope. Here we have added some sketches of telescopes. There are many websites that collect hand drawings and paintings of telescopes. If you draw one, you can email them attaching your drawings. If they like it, they will obviously publish it on their websites.

All images below are free for commercial and non-commercial use, but please credit author: Will Kalif, and source:

Refracting telescope drawings

Reflecting telescope drawings

Cartoon drawings of a telescope

Drawing of a person looking through a telescope

Pencil Drawing of a Telescope

Fig 1: A pencil drawing of a reflector telescope.

This is a 6 inch reflector telescope in the picture on an equatorial mount.

Fig 2: A pencil drawing of a reflector telescope.

This picture shows a refractor telescope with popular alt-azimuth mount.