Resources to finding the current Moon Phase The Current Lunar Phase:   You can put the google gadget of the moon phase right on your desktop. This handy little gadget automatically updates so it always shows you the current phase of the moon. Kind of nice. Softpedia Google Desktop for the MoonPhase. If you are […]

Here is an overview of the major celestial events you can watch for in 2019 Meteor Showers: These are regular occurrences throughout the year. I have a complete listing of them here ( Meteor Showers for 2012) . There are showers every month but some are better than others. Quick definition: “Opposition” This is an astronomical term […]

Interesting things in the night sky, and how to find them   The Night Sky for the Year 2019 – Here is a listing of some of the major things you can see for the year. This includes, planets, meteor showers and comets. The Moon Want to Know the Current Phase of the Moon? Here is a […]

Table of meteor showers for 2010 Meteor showers can be a bit hit or miss and in some years a regular shower can be fantastic and other years it can be quite slow. There are actually quite a few more legitimate showers than I have but for the most part they are irregular and slow. […]