Aberrations are defects in optical systems caused by the deviation of light. This can be a result of either a limitation in your design or a defect in your optics. Every telescope experiences some degree of aberrations, but by selecting the right telescope, you can reduce or eliminate specific aberrations.  What Are the Types of […]

Distortion is an optical aberration, resulting in a difference in magnification across your field of view. This aberration does not affect optical focus but causes your image to appear curved. What Causes Distortion? Distortion is caused by light hitting curved lenses. Because the lens is curved, light travels a different distance from the edge to […]

Field curvature is an optical aberration caused by a difference of curvature in the focal planes. Because of this, the lens is unable to focus the edges and center of the field at the same time, resulting in a curved distortion. What Causes Field Curvature? Field curvature is caused by a difference in the lens […]

Astigmatism is an off-axis optical aberration caused by the obliquity of focal planes. This results in rays of light meeting at different focal points, distorting the image. What Causes Astigmatism? Astigmatisms are caused by optical defects or rays of light hitting the telescope obliquely. Telescopes have two perpendicular planes; the tangential and the sagittal. Astigmatism […]

Spherical aberration is a common optical aberration that occurs when different rays of light reflect off of a spherical surface and do not all meet at the same image point. As a result, the edges of your image may appear stretched or blurred. What Causes Spherical Aberration? Spherical aberration occurs when your telescope focuses light at […]

Chromatic aberration, also known as “color fringing”, is a common optical issue caused by lens dispersion. As a result, the image can look blurred or colors could be obscured, especially in high-contrast situations. What Causes Chromatic Aberration? Chromatic aberration occurs when a lens is unable to bring all of the colors to the same focal […]