Will’s Guest appearance on the Dr. Sky Radio Program

The famous Dr. Sky interviews Will and they talk about his new book

It was a terrific experience. I had done a couple of TV shows but I had never done a radio show. It was great to talk to Dr. Sky about our favorite subject -telescopes and astronomy! And of course my new book which has been getting a lot of five star reviews on amazon.

Dr. Sky is a famous television and radio personality who has been bringing the wonders of the night sky to millions of people for many years. He has a very popular radio program on KTAR radio in Phoenix Arizona which is the fifth largest city in America and many other radio stations. He has interviewed a stunning array of brilliant and famous people on his show and he has appeared on many other shows including a weekly installment on Coast to Coast with George Noory. Dr. Sky is the premiere Ambassador between the wonders of the universe and the people of the USA.

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