Pictures of Telescopes

These are just some of the telescopes that were at Stellafane 2010

If you came directly to this webpage from a search engine this page is directly linked to my information about the Stellafane amateur telescope making convention held yearly in Springfield Vermont. You can see more information and more pictures about that convention here: Stellafane 2010

These are some pictures of telescopes that were at the convention. Predominantly they are scopes that were hand made by the participants. This is the real goal of this convention. It is all about Amateur Telescope Making.

This was the biggest telescope there (in terms of size of the primary) It is a 32 inch dob. The builder is the gentleman in the hat. I asked him about transporting it and he fits it into a minvan which is fantastic. That’s one of the beautiful things about a truss tube dob. Even a scope this big can be considered portable!

I got to look at M51 through this scope and I was flabbergasted 🙂

This is a photo of M51. (The Whirlpool Galaxy) It is approximately 23 Million Light Years away 🙂

A fork mounted newtonian. This is one of my favorites. I really just like fork mounted scopes. I am not sure of the size of the primary. It might be around 10 -12 inches.

A Schupmann Refractor

This is a homemade dobsonian (8 inch) signed by John Dobson himself. To me this kind of thing is what the Stellafane convention is all about!!

This is a handmade replica of Newton’s Telescope. The primary objective is the gold disc on the table.