Posters and Pictures of Observatories

Visitors Gathering Beneath the Telescope at McDonald Observatory Photographic Poster Print Visitors Gathering Beneath the Telescope at McDonald Observatory is digitally printed on archival photographic paper resulting in vivid, pure color and exceptional detail that is suitable for any museum or gallery display. You can select from a variety of sizes.


61 Inch Astrometric Reflector Telescope at the US Naval Observatory, Flagstaff Station Photographic Poster Print


Alexandria Observatory: an Astronomer Using a Pre- Telescopic Sighting Instrument Giclee Poster Print


Birthplace of Astrophysics: U. of Chicago’s Yerkes Observatory Photograph – Beautiful 16


California – View of Dome of Mt. Wilson Observatory Giclee Poster Print, 24×32


El Caracol, Mayan Observatory, Where Windwos Align with Certain Stars, Unesco World Heritage Site Photographic Poster Print


El Tololo Observatory, Elqui Valley, Chile, South America Photographic Poster Print

Griffith Observatory & Planetarium, Los Angeles, USA Observatories Framed Art Poster Print by Rick Gerharter, 22×18


Keck Observatory, HI Framed Art Poster Print by Jan Halaska, 31×25


200 Inch Mirror in Mt. Palomar Telescope Photographic Poster Print


The Hubble Telescope – Orion Nebula Mosaic, Stars & Comets Wall Poster Print, 24×36