Mini Solar Systems

Here is a collection of mini solar systems that you can buy.

I also have an solar system diorama project that you might be interested in if you want to make your own. It isn’t hard to make and it really looks great. Using a cardboard shipping tube we make a telescope and then we put the planets inside it! Looks terrific and is quite unique. You can see that project here: Make a solar system diorama

3-D Solar System

Watch the Universe from your own room. Nine colorful glow-in-the-dark planets, over 200 adhesive stars and a Solar System Guide are included to recreate the solar system. Simply hang the glowing 3-D Solar System from the ceiling, turn out the lights and watch the Universe come alive. This kit is astronomical! A glow-in-the-dark solar system is a fun way to experience the wonders of astronomy. Hang the planets from your ceiling and re-create the captivating cosmos right in your bedroom. Includes all 9 planets plus 25 feet of string, 200 glow-in-the-dark adhesive stars and a planetary guide booklet.

This picture shows you the planets that are in the product above.

Learning Resources Inflatable Solar System Set

Create an out-of-this-world playroom or bedroom with this unique solar system set. Each colorful planet inflates easily, turning any room into an intergalactic experience. Set includes 36″ Sun, nine proportionally sized planets with hanging hooks, moon, convenient foot pump, Activity Guide with fun planet facts and repair kit.

Product Description
Explore your universe with this inflatable classroom set. Teach size and distance relationships of the planets, the moon and the sun. Learn rotation, revolution and orbit through class activities or demonstrations using this realistic looking set. Includes 36-inch Sun, plus planets and moon in proportionate sizes from 8 inches to 22 inches. Also includes a foot pump, Teacher’s Activity Guide and hooks for easy hanging. Deflates easily for storage.

3-D Solar System Mobile Kit by Toysmith

Build your own 29.5″ glow-in-the-dark solar system mobile! This amazing kit includes a full set of snap-together planets, hanging frame and string, two strips of paint, two glow paints, and a paint brush. Kit also includes a bonus poster with solar system facts! Paint and assembling instructions included. Age: 7-14 Manufacturer: Toysmith

Solar System Planetarium

Build your own glow-in-the-dark planetarium with this creative kit. Contains model with stand, brush, paint strip, instructions and more. Assembled model has a 11 3/4″ span.

Creative fun for the young AND the young at heart! Assemble and paint your own planetarium model. You can even highlight your solar system model with the glow paint provided. Charge it with any light source, turn the light off, and it will glow like magic! This inspiring science craft contains:- 1 set of 3-dimensional Solar System planetarium model- 1 brush- 1 stripe of paint pots and glow paint- 1 set stand and rotating arms- 9 steel bars – 1 sand paper- 1 Saturn ring template- Detailed instructions- Bonus wall chart of Solar System Recommended for ages 7+

Geosafari Motorized Solar System with AC Adapter

Geosafari Motorized Solar System with AC Adapter – Observe the vastness of space in a dramatic light show! The sun shines onto the nine planets as they orbit around it. The central tower and planetary support rods are black so that they disappear in a darkened room for a spectacular effect! Replace the solar dome with the star dome included to create a spectacular planetarium sky complete with major constellation names. In addition the base features a special 1000-hour light bulb and planetary longitude marks so the planets can be set up to their correct positions.

Product Description
Look! It’s Leo! This is one slick motorized solar system and planetarium from Educational Insights®. Make assembling it an educational exercise. Demonstrate how the planets circle the sun. The 4″ dia sun is yellow plastic, lit with a krypton bulb. The planets are colored, reasonably proportional given their actual sizes, and marked with their symbols. They ride on black metal arms that disappear in the dark. The helpful instruction manual suggests activities, and includes a heliocentric longitude chart. Use it with the degree markings on the black-plastic base to show the positions of the planets on different dates. Replace the top half of the sun with the clear dome imprinted with labeled Northern-hemisphere constellations, and project them onto the walls and ceiling of your darkened classroom. About 9″ high, with Pluto extending 15″ from the center, and the other planets hanging out in their respective order. Comes with an AC adapter, but not with the (4) “C” batteries it needs. For grades 3 and up, and not for kids under three years of age. (Do you want to have to tell an E.R. nurse he ate Neptune?)

Melissa & Doug Solar System 48 pcs Floor Puzzle

This is an illustration of the Planets and the Moon. It is a 48 piece floor puzzle and it is recommended for ages 3 and up to help develop matching skills.

Want to Make your Own Solar System?

Floracraft Styrofoam Solar System Kit-Painted

FLORACRAFT-Fire up your imagination and create a solar system that’s out of this world! Kit includes 5 styrofoam ball 1/2 styrofoam ball 1/4 styrofoam ball 4 styrofoam ball 2-1/2 styrofoam balls 3 styrofoam ball 2-1-1/4 styrofoam balls 2-1/2 styrofoam ball 1 styrofoam ball 2-4-1/2 styrofoam rings wire and instructions.