With a telescope you can see planets, stars, galaxies, constellations, meteors and much more. This article is a guide for astronomers and astrophotographers who are enthralled by the limitless space filled with countless stars. It doesn’t require specialized training or extensive sessions. Simply get a telescope with a suitable lens, or a camera, wait until […]

The focal ratio is a metric used to determine a telescope’s brightness, magnification and field of view. This number, often referred to as the ‘f-number’, describes the relationship between focal length and aperture size. How to Calculate Focal Ratios in Telescopes? The focal ratio can be found by dividing the focal length by the diameter […]

Focal length is the distance between the telescope’s primary lens or mirror and the point where the light rays come together in focus. This is typically expressed in millimeters and is used to calculate key metrics such as focal ratio. How does Focal Length in Telescopes Affect Astronomy? Focal lengths determine the magnification and field […]