How to Build a Telescopes, which are simple and straightforward to use A telescope is, at its most basic level, a device that tends to make a distant thing appear closer. To achieve this, a telescope contains a component objective lens or the basic mirror that gathers light from a faraway target and gets it […]

McDonald Observatory: One of the largest telescopes in the world The McDonald Observatory, otherwise known as the Hobby-Eberly Telescope, is located in Fort Worth, Texas, in the United States. During my trip around the United States, I spent a day visiting the observatory and it had a lot of events and scheduled things to do. […]

What is a Finder Scope and how do you use it A finder scope is a small, low-power telescope used to help locate objects in the night sky. Finder scopes are typically mounted on astronomical telescopes, and they provide a wider field of view than the main telescope. This makes it easier to find faint […]