The first documented telescope was created in the Netherlands in 1608, when Hans Lippershey, an eyeglass maker, filed for the first patent for this optical device. While it wasn’t initially invented for astronomy, this design opened the door to an entirely new field of study. When Was the First Telescope Invented? The first telescope was […]

Telescopes and monoculars are optical devices used for viewing distant objects. While telescopes are used for astronomy, monoculars are typically used for viewing objects on earth. While you can use monoculars for basic astronomy, the magnification is much weaker than that of a telescope. Magnification of Telescopes vs Monoculars Because telescopes are used for viewing […]

Telescopes are designed to view celestial bodies and spotting scopes are typically used for viewing wildlife. While they may look and sound similar, they have distinct differences in usage, view and portability. How Are Telescopes and Spotting Scopes Used? Telescopes are used to observe objects in space while spotting scopes are used to view objects […]

Hans Lippershey made the first telescope in 1608. The same year Galileo started improving Lippershey’s telescope. Johannes Kepler changed the eyepiece for a telescope in 1611. Modern day telescopes are based on the Keplerian’s design. Newton made the next step with the invention of the reflector. John Dollond is the reason we have commercial telescopes […]

Telescopes have opened the door to many new observations within our universe, providing us with loads of interesting facts. These interesting facts include innovations in technology, discoveries in science, and observations of celestial bodies. Facts About the Invention of Telescopes  Facts About the History of Telescopes Facts About Space Telescopes Facts About Modern Telescopes Facts […]