It is an amazing glass that greatly diminishes chromatic aberration significantly – but it is expensive The biggest problem with refractor telescopes is chromatic aberration. That is the property of a lens bending different colors of light at different angles. When you look through a telescope at objects and you see colored halos around them, […]

Books on telescope Making Making & Enjoying Telescopes: 6 Complete Projects & A Stargazer’s Guide This is a relatively modern book on telescope making (Printed in 1995) and it takes a nice slant on the whole subject by giving you complete details on six different telescope projects ranging from a big dobsonian to a small rich […]

One of the most respected manufacturers of telescopes   If you are looking for quality and a company with a very long track record of making top of the line telescopes then you are looking for a Celestron telescope. Here is a selection of some of their telescopes that you can purchase through They […]