The Celestron 80LCM (Lightweight Computerized Mount) is the cheapest scope among the GoTo mount series of this brand. Quality optics, portability, advanced software, and automatic features have made this scope attractive to beginner skygazers. Advantages and Disadvantages of Celestron 80LCM Advantages The built-in sky aligns technology is extremely easy to use. It just needs to […]

Fig 1: Orion Astroview 6 Equatorial Reflector Telescope Among the 16 beginner telescopes reviewed, Orion Astroview 6 Equatorial Reflector Telescope was named one of the “Jack of All Trades” telescopes and was voted as the best telescope of the year, especially for the amateurs. This telescope is the only reflector within this price range which […]

Fig 1: Celestron Omni XLT 102mm Refractor (Ref: Amazon) If you are a passionate star gazer you need a telescope that satisfies your mind. As a beginner you can start with some other cheaper 4-6 inch beginner telescope. But they will not be able to cheer you up with the views of the deep night […]

Beautiful Hubble Telescope Posters and Pictures The Hubble Telescope has changed the way we view the universe. It has seen and photographed things never before seen and in beautiful color richness that is just spellbinding. You can own some of the wonderful images that the Hubble has brought to us.     Stargaze – Hubble’s […]

The Messier Objects are some objects learned back in the 18th century by French astronomers. Catalogue des nebuleuses et des amas d’étoiles( Catalogue of Nebulae and Star Clusters) is a collection of items in the deep sky that were noticeable at the time with binoculars and telescopes. Between 1758 and 1782 Messier gathered record. The […]

FIG 1: A TELESCOPE MIRROR Telescopes are of different types sizes and qualities. Whatever the price is, you will always find that the mirror is made of glass. There are two reasons behind this.  1. To avoid distortion Try to think about what happens if you use a magnifying glass to observe the sun. It […]