Understanding the Manufacturers of Telescopes One of the most important things you need to consider when buying a telescope is who makes it. A telescope is an astronomical instrument. It is composed of lenses and mirrors that have to be well made in order to function adequately. Remember that you need to gather the light […]

This article will take a look at telescope mirrors. Show you how they work and explain all about them. A telescope mirror is not the same as a regular mirror. It is significantly different and it is a high precision piece of scientific apparatus that has been carefully made to specifications within less that a […]

How Galileo’s Telescope Created the Modern Science of Astronomy Galileo challenged conventional views of the universe by observing by observing objects in the sky then applying the laws of mathematics and logic to what he saw. He turned the telescope into an important tool of understanding the universe we live in. Before Galileo turned his […]

There are different types of telescopes available on the market depending on different features.  Here we will discuss the tube assembly and light path of five types of telescopes. Fig 1:  tube assembly and light path of five types of telescopes The image shows how they are different in assembly and lightpaths and they have […]