The Ultimate Guide to the Small Telescope

Taking the mystery out of all that stuff and how a telescope works

If you have a telescope and you are a bit confused by all the various parts that came with it. Or you don't understand the peculiar way it moves then I have the video for you.

In this video I take a look at several telescopes and cover all the basics so will have a good understanding of all the parts and how they work.

In part 1 I cover the Mount of the telescope.
In part 2 I cover the Optical Tube assembly. Thats the long tube where the lens or mirror is
In par 3 I cover all the various parts that typically come with a telescope including eyepieces, barlow lens, right angle and erecting prism.
In part 4 I give you a bonus and show you how to easily take photographs with your telescope.

Here is the video:





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