Make your own first telescope for less than twenty bucks

Astronomy is a science; and one of the great things about this science is that you can make your own instrument to enjoy stargazing with. And you can enjoy the hobby without breaking the bank. Edmund Scientifics makes a nice little refracting telescope kit that comes with a star chart. So after dinner you can make the scope and wait for the sun to set then take it out and enjoy it. Learn about lenses, optics and astronomy all in one nice little project.


Make a telescope kit

This kit is also available on Amazon.com - Refractor Telescope Kit

Build-It Yourself! -- It's so easy, now even an eight-year-old can build an 18" long, 3X refractor telescope in less than an hour. -- Includes objective lens, eye lens, glare stops, kraftboard tubes, instructions and an Edmund Star and Planet Locator. Finished product is powerful enough to show moon craters, Jupiter?s moons and many stars not visible to the naked eye. -- For ages 8 and up. --

Orion Beginning Stargazer's Toolkit That new telescope of yours will show you lots of cool celestial objects - but only if you know where to look. And once you do spot something, wouldn't it be nice to know what it is? With this Toolkit, you'll never be "lost in space"! It contains four items designed to help new astronomers find their way around the heavens: Star Target Planisphere; Discover the Stars observer's guide; Moon map; and RedBeam Mini LED Astro Flashlight.

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