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  • Christmas is just around the corner! If you are thinking about buying someone a telescope as a gift, but you have no idea what to buy, I have an article showing you what telescope to get! And I have it broken down by price for you. How to Buy a Telescope as a Christmas Present
  • We are losing the night sky - Light pollution, and regular pollution are getting worse. Read my article about this problem and what you should do.
  • How to take pictures of the sun with a small telescope - I show you how to do it with just about any type of digital camera and any type of small telescope.
  • Advice when buying a telescope on craigslist - You can get a great deal but there are some things to look out for! I give you solid advice on the types of telescopes, general price guidelines and what to look out for.
  • A Guide to Buying Used Telescopes - I have 5 tips for getting a used telescope and some places where you can buy them
  • Good Telescopes for Beginners - I give you three recommendations for good telescopes with value and explain the benefits. I look at the different makers of telescopes and the different types. If you are a beginner trying to figure out which telescope you should buy this guide will help.
  • A Guide to telescopes for kids - Solid advice on what to look for and how much to spend.
  • How to Buy A Telescope - I lay out some basic information and some basic facts that will help you make a good telescope buying decision - one that is based on your wants, needs, skill levels and budget.
  • The Telescope Nerd's Guide to buying a telescope on Amazon.
    THere are thousands of telescopes on amazon. Which ones are the better choice? I dispel the confusion and give you some great advice including specific telescopes. Will's Guide to Buying a Telescope on Amazon


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Famous Astronomers and Telescope Makers

  • Who Invented the First telescope? Some new evidence shows us telescopes were around sooner than we think.
  • William Herschel - He discovered Uranus, put together a massive list of nebulae (over 2500 objects) and built a telescope that was forty feet long.
  • James Gregory - The inventor of the first reflector or Gregorian Telescope
  • Johannes Kepler -Mathematician, astronomer and Optician. He invented a type of telescope and changed how we view the orbit of planets around the sun.



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