Wondering about a first telescope to get?

The world of astronomy as a hobby suffers from the same problem that most of our consumer oriented world suffers from: Too many darn choices! If you are interested in doing a little astronomy and would like to buy a telescope you are faced with thousands of scopes to choose from. So, unless you know a fair amount about telescopes already, what do you do?

What telescope should be your first one? Or your only one for that matter?

You don't know a lot about the mechanics of telescopes right? Optics, exit pupil, light gathering power, magnification, alt-azimuth mount? etc. etc. etc. So what telescope should you buy as a first telescope. Cost a factor? What kind of value can you get when you are not sure about what defines value?


Celestron Explorascope 80mm Reflector Telescope

I have used one of these and I have to say that it is just an amazing little telescope. It is very easy to use, has a nice 4 1/4 inch mirror for good light gathering power, comes with two different eyepieces, and most importantly gives a very rich and a very wide view of the night sky. This makes it very easy to use. One of the biggest hurdles any would-be astronomer faces is the tunnel that is created when looking through a telescope. It's kind of like trying to find things through a narrow tube. You have to hunt around. But with the incredibly wide field of this telescope the problem disappears.

It's small and compact which makes it easy to take anywhere and you just put it on its little base and you are ready to start looking at the moon, planets or other objects in the night sky. This picture gives you a sense of the size of it.

The optics of this telescope, which is what really matters, are outstanding. Celestron is one of the top makers of telescopes.

The Telescope Nerd

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