The Make a Telescope Project

Follow along as I make a reflector telescope- And learn how to do it yourself

This is the beginning of my new project where I make a telescope. I have ordered an eight inch primary mirror off ebay. It was a great deal on a brand new mirror and I will be building a telescope around it. Here you can see what I do and how I build it and I will teach you all the tricks and techniques so you can build one yourself if you are thinking about building one.

About the Mirror

8" Telescope MirrorI bought it off ebay (It's brand new) and it is an eight inch in diameter primary mirror with an F/4 focal length. This focal length while exactly not what I am looking for will make this project a bit easier because it means a smaller telescope and tube. I had considered making something with a longer F ration because it would be better for planetary viewing. But this is ok, it will be a great project and should give a terrific field of view so I will use it for deep space astronomical viewing. Of course I will still use it to look at the planets! I have started this project, You can check it out here: How to make a smal reflector telescope


An Eight Inch Telescope Mirror

Update: I have received the 8" Mirror and it looks great. The next step will be for me to build a Foucault tester so I can test it.



About the Books

I am armed with quite a few books on the subject of telescope making and I will give you a run down of them. I will also be writing reviews of these books so you can get a good sense of which books you might want to buy if you are going to be making a telescope.

  • Standard Handbook for Telescope Making - Neale E. Howard
  • Making Your own Telescope - Allyn J. Thompson
  • How to Make a Telescope - Jean Texereau
  • Amateur Telescope Making - Stephen F. Tonkin (editor)

The Video Tutorial:




New Project started. I have started the 4 1/4" reflector telescope project. I made a temporary tube assembly to test it all out. Worked great. You can follow along with that project here: How to make a Newtonian Reflector Telescope







Books on Telescope Making available at Amazon.com



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