The Celestron First scope

An entry level basic dobsonian telescope

Telescopes are a very funny thing. And it is difficult to know what you are getting. And if you don't know anything about telescopes it can be impossible to know if you are getting a decent value. This telescope is quite a good value for several different reasons. Let me give you my thoughts on this particular scope

Who is this scope suited for?

This is a practically perfect first telescope if you are very budget minded and just want to dabble in astronomy and stargazing a little bit.

  • First off is the manufacturer - I have bought several small telescopes at very reasonable prices only to discover they were flimsily built or had terrible optics. In other words they didn't perform well at all. With this telescope this is not a concern at all. Celestron is one of the premiere telescope makers in the world - yes world! and they kept this scope simple, yet effective. It is cheap and it performs well .
  • Some other things: It is very easy to use. This is because of the dobsonian style mount.
  • And, it comes with two eyepieces which is a nice bonus
  • For the dollar you pay you get good performance. You will actually see things in the night sky like the rings of saturn and craters on the moon- although it wont be sharp images like the hubble takes.
  • This is simply great value for the very low price
  • Portable size - The objective mirror is 3" which makes it a very easy to tote around telescope. You can even display it somewhere in your home. That 3" size means that the black tube is a little over 3" in diameter.

A great place to start if you want to invest almost nothing before deciding if you want a bigger telescope.

Celestron FirstscopeCelestron 21024 FirstScope Telescope If you are new to telescopes and are looking for something at an extremely reasonable price yet want something that works pretty well then this might be the perfect choice for you. First off, it is made by Celestron, which is a premiere telescope making company. This also comes with two eyepieces which is a valuable addition. It is very portable and I can't say enough about this scope being a great way to dip your toe in the night sky. They call this a firstscope and they have got it exactly right.

What they have to say about it: ( I agree 100% with all of this) and you really can't go wrong with this telescope. It is an extremely good value.

FirstScope Telescope Official Product of the 2009 International Year of Astronomy. Ideal astronomical entry level telescope. The FirstScope Telescope pays tribute to Galileo Galilei and may of history's most notable astronomers and scientists. We honor these men and women for their contributions bringing us one step closer to understanding the universe around us. The compact design makes it easy to take with you on your next outdoor adventure. The FirstScope is also stylish enough to be used as a decorative fixture on your bookshelves or desk.

The Telescope NerdThe Nerd's Closing thoughts: too many inexpensive telescopes give a bad first impression about astronomy and telescopes because they don't perform well. That isn't the case with this one. They call this a FIrstScope and they have it right. And the thing about this first scope is that it will give you a good feeling about astronoomy and telescopes. In no time at all you will be wanting to buy a bigger and more powerful one.


Celestron Powerseeker telescopeHere is one more telescope you might want to consider. The price is a bit more than the first one I talked about. But this telescope is an excellent value and it is a little more comfortable as a refractor. This is what most people think of when they think telescope. Great value and of course it is a celestron so it is well made. Lots of great reviews on amazon. Good value for the low price.

Celestron 21041 60mm PowerSeeker Telescope


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