Used Telescopes, accessories and more

Check out the deals at ebay

I have ebay listings right here on my website. You can check out whats available on ebay and look for real bargains. ebay is a great way to get a telescope or accessory that you want at a bargain price. Just click on the category you are interested in.

Mega listing of Telescopes and telescope stuff on ebay - here is a big listing if you just want to browse for bargains.

Celestron Telescopes - one of the oldest and most respected makers of telescopes. You can find some great Celestron telescopes on ebay including vintage ones from the 70's which I am always on the hunt for.

Meade Telescopes - Meade is one of the finest makers of telescopes and there are always hundreds of them available on ebay.

Orion telescopes - Orion is another maker of telescopes. They tend to be less expensive than celestron or Mead. They cater to a more casual observer and backyard astronomer.

Dobsonian Telescopes - A dobsonian telescope is by its very design a bargain priced instrument that gives you a lot of telescope for the money. But if you watch ebay you can sometimes find some incredible bargains.

Astronomy and Telescope Books - There are always plenty of very inexpensive astronomy books on ebay. And because these books are often packed with pictures their retail price can be expensive. But ebay can find you some great bargains.

Telescope Eyepieces - This can be a bit tricky on ebay There are lots of telescope eyepieces available on ebay you just have to know how to find them. Here is a good listing with the option for you to refine your search.

Planetarium stuff and more - This is mish mash of a lot of miscellaneous planetarium stuff.

Astronomy and telescope Software -

Telescope Mirrors and diagonals Building a telescope? Here are mirrors. You can save a tremendous amount of money if you build a telescope yourself. You can get some mirrors at great prices.

Brass Telescopes - These are very popular collector items and there are plenty of them that are exceptional for real use. ebay has lots of them,.



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