Astronomy and Telescope Magazines

There are few ways better to keep up on

all the great things in the night sky

than with a subscription to a magazine.

It is inexpensive and delivered right to

your door. When my magazines come in

I tear right through them with vigor

! It is a great way to make sure you know

about all the great current events happening

in the sky.




Sky and Telescope Magazine

Sky & Telescope - This is the oldest and longest running astronomy magazine. They have a wonderful reputation and give you some really great stuff. They have a slant toward astrophotography and serious astronomy for amateurs. Nice Magazine.






Astronomy Magazine

Astronomy - My all time favorite magazine. I just love it. Aimed at amateur astronomers of all types from the casual observer to the more serious type. Plenty of information and updates on whats happening in the night sky and plenty of stuff about telescopes.






SkyNews Magazine

Skynews, the Canadian magazine of astronomy & stargazing is among the best publications for novice stargazers anywhere. Edited by popular astronomy author Terence Dickinson, each full-colour issue carries news, columns, features, directories, how-to articles and an excellent star chart.





Looking for back issues of a magazine? Ebay might have them.


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